Saturday, April 27, 2013

caturday: the model edition

guys, let's be real here. cats are the BEST posers. if you're responding to this statement with confusion or shakes of the head, you do not know cats... because they can work that camera alright.

with that in mind, let me introduce to you a series of photo combinations taken from a blog by the name of Des Hommes et des Chatons - which is French for, "the people and the cats", i think. but i'm 'a Google Translate that and be right back...

HA! okay. i was kind of close. apparently it means, "Men and Kittens". hmmm. sounds interesting. anyway, let me introduce you to the concept: the people over at this website take a photo of a male model/actor/singer/person, and place alongside it a photo of a cat, in a similar outfit/pose/situation. it is GOLDEN. observe:


it gets even better - how about a tortured gaze, complete with fist-resting-on-chin?

they've got it.

or maybe you're more in the mood for some reading-with-glasses? that too.

how about ballet - anyone fond of an arabesque? that. (okay, let's be honest - i have no idea what an arabesque is, actually, but i know it has to do with ballet. so.)

keyboard-playing, for those who are into musos?

cats can do that, too, you know.

biting one's lip in a rather sensual fashion?


or y'all hipster folk, how's about some mustachios up in here?


kung fu?


taking a drink out of a straw?

consuming watermelon?

playing guitar?

more soulful playing of the piano?

"so deep that ah'm playing wif mah TEEF!"



taking your photo?

being Ryan Gosling?

"hey girl..."

showing brotherly love?


but where would we be if we didn't have a little balance, right? while perusing these photo comparisons (i don't know what to call them, aaaah!) i came across Cats that look like Pin-up Girls. oh no. here are my four favourites from that compilation...

oh dear, oh dear.

it's time to call it a night, but i hope you've all had a fabulous caturday! stay classy and keep posing the way these cats've shown ya - because i think we can now ALL agree that cats are best at posing (as they are with just about everything in life) ;)

P.S. all credit for finding these amazing gems must go to the marvellous Ali, who has yet again brightened my life :) ♥

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