Sunday, September 30, 2012

waving goodbye

time for us to bid farewell to the marvellous month of...

Happy September! I hope it’s a good month for everyone.
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...and what a month it's been! :) crazy and busy and exciting and stressful and lovely. are y'all ready? here're my top 12 things of September:

  1. home!i'm not gonna expand much on this here... because i wrote a whole post about it earlier. so go read it, why don't you? ;)
  2. reunions :)with, you know, my boyfriend. he's great and i missed him (after a week... yeah) so it's been great to be together again! i could honestly talk about this for the rest of the post, but you will all roll your eyes and then run away, so i will move on. (and yes, i'm pathetic - go on and laugh at me, it's quite alright)
  3. learning to drive... because Chris is awesome and has started giving me lessons. (i had my 2nd today!) and it's possible that i still really suck at driving - but it's been fun nevertheless, and we get ice cream afterwards, and it's raaaadical :)
  4. Journ 3 application = BOOM. so in case you don't know, i'm studying Journalism, which is a fairly big deal. the people in our department generally take themselves quite seriously and make us submit HUGE crackin' applications each year. i'm in my second year now, which means that applying for next year gets even MORE serious - because we have to decide on specialisations. you know, like writing or television or radio or photojournalism or DESIGN. aaaahdesign! yeah, you know what my first choice was, don't you? ;) anyway, we had to fill out this crazy long application form and hand in motivations for our top 3 choices, as well as assignments for each of those three specialisations. and then also submit portfolio work to bolster our applications. and if that sounds like a smallish amount of work you are wrong, my friends. completing my application took absolutely AGES, but i have never been more proud to submit something, because i basically poured my soul into that application. and now i just have to wait a few weeks to find out if i got into Design! ohpleaseohpleaseohplease... *gulp*
  5. Babilanto AGM :)i've also been on the committee of a society called Babilanto at my university for the past year; we're a language lovers society, and we're great! we had our AGM this past Wednesday and as a committee decided to have it at an awesome little restaurant in town, where we ate some delicious pasta and had the best conversation ever (my sister was there, and i haven't been able to spend time with her in FOREVER, so it was beautiful.). it was really just a good, good time.
  6. Picture Pot! which i know i've mentioned before and have been all elusive about it and stuff... yeah, i'm still planning to do a whole post on it, but i may as well tell you about it now ;) another society here at Rhodes, called Masincedane, runs a soup kitchen in the location outside our town and generally does really great, creative work. one of their fundraisers every year is called Picture Pot, and what happens is students are invited to donate little works of art (A5 size or thereabouts) that they've drawn/painted/sketched/conceptualised/whatever. these are then all displayed on an evening - like an art gallery or exhibition! - and you pay a R20 entrance fee, with which you can claim any artwork in the exhibition! it is fantastic. i submitted 3 paintings this year and on the night, i saw two of them get claimed - HA! it is the coolest feeling :D the artwork i got is also really beautiful. but i will save some detail for my long post on Picture Pot ;) moving on to...
  7. GIANTS, BABY!! this AWESOME baseball team became the NL West Division CHAMPIONS... yoh, i love them - they've done so well :D
  8. a great Super XV schedule for the Sharks :)the Sharks are my TRUE team - as in, out of all the sports teams i support, i love them the most - and they've been playing fairly well in the Currie Cup at the moment. but the Super XV schedule for next year was released, and in my opinion they have a fantastic schedule! including a game PORT ELIZABETH against the newly-instated Kings during term time (which is a must-go-to game), and a game in DURBAN against the CRUSADERS (Chris's favourite team) during our APRIL VACATION... yeah, we're casually already making plans to be there. so excited.
  9. A Case Of You.we all know that i love Noah Gundersen after my last post. go to that post and watch the second video... um, i had that on repeat for most of this month. crazy good cover.
  10. the return of Free Crappy Portraits! i'm so happy about this that it had to go in italics. technically Sarah hasn't enabled submissions again, but she's posted a few of the backlogged entries and (according to inside sources) she's planning to start the blog up again SOON! and then i will submit a photo of me and Chris, and will get back an awesome crappy portrait. and if all of this is gibberish to you, then go HERE and live. cool.
  11. the discovery of IndieBerries.seriously, guys, Che is a girl after my own heart. except she's older than me, so maybe i'm a girl after HER own heart? i dunno. but anyway, she's great and she deserves a billion more readers, so go check out IndieBerries.
  12. spring = dresses = HAPPY.really nothing more to say here.
and those were my top 12 things of September :) October promises to be just as busy and exciting and wonderful - i'll see you then!
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