Saturday, September 8, 2012


since it's been three months since my last post, i think it's time to admit that my boyfriend blogs more than i do. (no, really - Chris started a blog called SportsBeard a few days ago that is basically ruling my life. click through for the awesomeness.)

i don't feel like boring you all to death with the story of my life for the past 90-odd days, so instead you get to look at stuff from the internet that i love! yes? YES :)

more specifically, i think it's time to mention how much i adore The Avengers (yeah, watched the movie, got the t-shirt, have the sound-effect socks). i am a Captain America fangirl for life (my gran's cousin directed his movie, actually... my relatives are awesome) and just love pretty much anything involving the Avengers and him. so here are a few of the things i found on the internet that are Avengers-themed. and i love them all. click on the images to link back to their original sites!

(i mean, hi... how brilliant is this? and adorable? i know the Avengers aren't necessarily meant to be adorable, but c'mon.)

Mike Kunkel's Avengers Scribble

Noelle Stevenson's Sweater-vengers
her description for this image is hilarious - i have to put it here.
"I think Bruce knitted sweaters for everyone because knitting is a calming pastime, and then Thor was like LOKI IS MY BROTHER AND HE DESERVES A SWEATER TOO and so Bruce made one for Loki with Thor’s design input."
she's basically one of my heroes and has done a whole series on the Lord of the Rings called "The Broship of the Rings"... but here're a few of her other Avengers-themed illustrations that i couldn't help but throw into the mix :)

SHERHULK HOLMES AND HAWKSON (winning combination)

Thor and Loki Part 1

Hulk like to look at the pictures.
Hulk and Hawkeye ("Hulk like to look at the pictures")


based on this same logic (also spoilers)
Loki and Hawkeye

Loki you’re a monster
Loki and Thor Part 2
unless you’re a Nazi.

...and my FAVOURITE! a Captain America VALENTINE!!! k, done with Noelle. moving on. i promise.

CATVENGERS! (i couldn't find the link to this one - it just went viral on tumblr. if any of you know where it originated, let me know and i'll link it!)

Danny Haas's Assemble
(i love this... i think it's SO well designed. clean, sharp, beautiful.)

Matt Kaufenberg's series on what the Avengers do on days off. 
(incomplete, sadly, but still BRILLIANT.)


Hannah Friederichs's Avengers tribute to Maurice Sendak
i love this.

ok, that's all from me for now! :) hope you've enjoyed my AVENGER ADVENTURE (oh no i didn't)... 

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