Thursday, September 27, 2012

oh noah

Q: how do you know Hannah's back at varsity?
A: when she hasn't blogged in the last week and a half.

no, really guys. i was on such a roll during my time off, and now i'm back to this. i blame it on the copious amount of work i've had, but oh well!

let's talk about how awesome Noah Gundersen is. i'm not gonna tell you his life story, but basically my sister and i stumbled across him a couple years ago and have been entranced ever since. he mostly sings with his sister Abby accompanying him on harmonies (although both of the songs i've put here of him are just him) but he also often sings with ALL his siblings (there are four of them) and their harmonies are ridiculous, so i've added two video-songs of the whole Gundersen family to this post. 

and all i can say is, oh Noah.

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curlygirl said...

oh my goodness. that joni mitchell song... i'm done.