Sunday, January 16, 2011

floral frivolity

i have a confession... are you ready? i have started another blog.

on WordPress.

but wait up! don't hurl rotten tomatoes at me just yet ;) my blog over at WordPress - DearDeer - is strictly about design and stuff that inspires me, and not so much about my personal life, like Pink Chucks is. the truth is, Blogger irritates me a little, but i don't have the heart to get rid of Pink Chucks, so i'm sitting on the fence.

sometimes, though, i expect things i feature on DearDeer to intersect with Pink Chucks, and this was the case a couple days ago. i decided - on a whim - to post about how much i love floral patterns, focussing on the aesthetic beauty of these designs and how they inspired me. when i was finished with the post though, i read through it and thought it'd make a fun post on Pink Chucks, too! so without further ado, i give you all the floral frivolity i was able to scrounge up around me (mostly from my wardrobe). are ya ready? :)

1. the "sunshiney day" waistcoat
this cute little thing was made for me by my mom when i was 2. i wish i could find the actual photo of me wearing it... but how precious and happy is it?! i heart sunflowers :)

2. the "rosey posey" dress
oh my... i adore this dress. it was my first floral dress of many, and it was a gift from my dear dear sister Sindi. it was on display in the window of a shop at our fave mall, and when i saw it i was speechless. Sindi forced me to try it on... and when i confessed that i didn't have enough money for it, she bought it for me. amazing, right? i always get compliments when i wear this dress, and i couldn't love it enough.

3. the "floral fiesta" dress
this dress took my breath away the first time i saw it! a girl at school wore it for one of our Civvies Days (if you don't know what that means, head here) and i couldn't resist. i sneakily snuck up to her and asked her where she had got it from and how much it had cost. (yeah, i really asked that... cause i'm a cheapskate.) after i found it, tried it on, loved it and bought it myself, i discovered that this was seriously an AMAZING bargain, and i'll tell you why. converted into dollars, this dress only cost me around $13. about six months later, i was perusing ModCloth (which will one day be the death of me) and i stumbled across... this very dress. for $63.99. don't believe me? here it is on ModCloth. they are practically identical. say whaaaat?!

4. the "roses are forever" dress
when we were in the States last June/July, we stayed with my gramma... and this means obligatory thrifting. (my gramma, in case you weren't sure, is a thrift hound. she's amazing.) so, on one of our trips down to Thrift Town - yes, the store is called that - i was studying the jeans aisle when my mom, who was near by, came up to me bearing this dress. it is simply GORGEOUS: 30% silk, light to the touch, and with a cute, unobtrusive bow capping each sleeve. i'm desperate for an opportunity to wear it out.

5. the "kei kei aloha" dress
on another occasion during our time in the USA last year, we were out shopping with my aunt Kym and cousin Zoey when we stumbled across a phenomenal collection of summer dresses in Abercrombie & Fitch. Zoey fell in love with one of the dresses, and i couldn't get enough of this one, and so the ever-gracious Kym bought them for us! isn't she fantastic? this dress is so cool - it's classy, but friendly. i've worn it everywhere and i just can't get enough of it :)

6. the "blooming brilliant" dress
everyone say "hi" to my latest floral acquisition - this simply delightful cartoonish dress which rocks my world! it's light and fun and brightens up my day whenever i wear it, which makes it my best friend right now in this summer weather. i love the stripes, too - yay for stripes!

7. the "hope garden" bag
this absolutely adorable bag, which i've written about on Pink Chucks before, was also a gift, this time from dear friend Jenne. it's a Vera Bradley, which, by default, makes it a beautiful and extremely high-quality product. the pattern used on the bag is called "Hope Garden"; the actual design of the bag is called... Hannah :)

ja, ja! so there you are, folks - the floral collection of one Miss Hannah Mac :) do you love any particular print? do you collect any certain pattern? let me know!

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