Monday, June 15, 2009

cool things.

first off - i was totally watching Catch That Kid while composing this post. it made me laugh big time. i had no idea Max Thieriot and Corbin Bleu were in it! plus, can i mention that Kristen Stewart was always awkward?

High School Musical, Twilight and The Pacifier, all in one movie! wonder what Edward would think of the two punks hitting on his true wuv? I'd personally choose Max over Rob any day...

now, onto the cool things!

last Thursday, the 4th, just so happened to be my fake-fiance Zac Farro's BIRTHDAY! he is all of nineteen years old now.

yes......Zac eats garden gnomes for breakfast.

Happy Birthday for Thursday the 4th, dearest Zachary!
with love and kisses, Hanny.

...and now i move along.

when i was looking through the images on Google for photos of the abovementioned young man for my last blog post, i came across this darling photo. it made me want to scream because of its fabulosity. don't argue.

am i the only one in the world who wishes to be Hayley Williams?

i mean, am i?

here is another cool thing.
Springleap is an idea that was started by some awesome peeps in South Africa in an attempt to recreate the way artists in this country and around the world gain recognition. the basic premise is that anyone with creative ideas can submit them as a t-shirt design; all of these designs are then voted on by the public through the website. *to find out more about this fantastic venture, go here*

this is a t-shirt design called Ice Cream Factory, by cmatos... and i love it. because it combines two of the best things in life: ice creams and penguins. i want this shirt like an emu wants ostrich feathers. yeah, i am willing to beat that sucker ostrich up if it so much as comes near me flaunting those feathers... in other words, if you own the shirt, stay FAR away. srsly. i've been training...

yes - i am in love with Etsy. do you want to see why?

this is honestly one of the most beautiful dresses i have EVER seen. and yes - it's one dress. that is reversible. and that i think rocks the party. it's designed and made by audreyandgrace.

here are a few other dresses i fell for.

these two tea dresses were designed and made by Louise Hedley, and i basically adore them.

this blue tulip dress, designed and made by Jacqui Cheng, also caught my eye. i love wearing things that are blue, and i heart the design of this dress, so it was basically love at first sight :)

NEW CLOTHES...and a bag
it's true - everyone loves getting new things. don't lie to me and say you don't... or i will laugh at you. unless you mean new underwear from your gramma. then i will understand. anyway, in the past month, i have not gotten any underwear from my gramma, but i HAVE gotten 4 specifically fantasmagorical things, 3 of which where clothing items. are ya ready? :)

1st: remember how, a few posts ago, i mentioned i was desperate for a pair of red skinny jeans? well, on the 11th of May, i got out from school really late and phoned my mom to fetch me. when she arrived at the school, i opened the passenger door and nearly sat on a package. my mind right then was thinking something along the lines of WHAT.THE.FREAK? i examined the package. it had my name on it. *squee!* and it was from my sister. *double-squee!* i tore it open. the most beautiful pair of red skinny jeans lay on my lap. i swear, i came close to dying of happiness.


just more evidence that i have the best sister in the whole entire world.

2nd: a week ago, some really close friends of my family from Atlanta, Georgia came out for a visit. (they are basically the shizz nizz. true story.) with them, they brought:


Stephen - the son in the equation - goes to Princeton. he is awesome, and so he brought 2 Princeton hoodies - one for me, and one for Sinderella.

i'm down with being Ivy League Ghetto, yo. you should be scurred. fo' shizzle.


yesss... i said "Vera Bradley". as in, only the most uh-MAY-zin' bags in the world. check out the cuteness! each design of bag has a different girl's name. d'you want to guess what mine is called?

well, of course it's the Hannah bag :)

3rd: this past Sunday was my dad's birthday. (Happy birthday, Dad!) so, to celebrate in style, we went drove 2 hours to Gateway, the Mecca of Shopping in these-here parts. and what did i spot there, but the most ridiculously fabulous hat of all time. take a look for yourself:

naturally, i had to get it. guess who shall have warm ears this winter?!

you want to know something else that is beyond cool? YOU are, if you're reading this :) kthanxbye!


Ana Cristina said...

Hanny, do you know you look like Haley Williams? I saw the pic and thought it was you -- true story. Only you're like cuter and stuff. ;p

I love this post. And I dearly love ETSY. My bank account may not, but I do.

And also gnomes scare me, even the garden variety (ha!) type.

The End.

Lauren said...

Ana is right! You do look like Haley! Amazing.

I love that red dress! It's so beautiful!

Umm...hi. I love your skinny jeans, and your cute bag! Love love love!

Never heard of that movie. I kinda want to see it to make fun of it.

Sindisiwe said...

Big smileys!! I should sooooo be asleep, but I'm reading your blog... :D See you sooooon!

Nancy Face said...

Love those Etsy dresses! Love your red skinny jeans and your Hannah bag and your hat! :D

I may have to watch that movie with Lauren so we can both make fun of it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Niice dresses, btw. Very cool indeed =)

Imma go now. But I'll be back fersuure, haha.


Hannahkin said...

@Ana: i love you for your comment. and for a lot of other stuff, too :) i'm just glad i live safely across the ocean - that way i can drool at Etsy-ness and yet never actually consider buying anything off it! gnomes ARE kind of scary, now that you mention it. glad i'll have a gnome disposal *ie Zac* around soon ;)

@Lauren: ♥ ♥ ♥ you should totally watch Catch That Kid for a laugh. i remember seeing the posters for it up at the video store 7 years ago - back when i didn't know who Kristen Stewart, Max Thieriot and Corbin Bleu were. back when NOBODY knew who they were!

@Sinderella: you're awesome, kbye.

@Nancy Face: you and Lauren should DEFINITELY watch it. funny times guaranteed. hugs!

@Robyn: yay!! i love you for coming here :) i heart your blog as well, so thanks for dropping by!