Wednesday, January 19, 2011

full moon; full heart. awoooo

tonight there's a full moon blooming in the sky! oh how i wish i had the capability to photograph it... because it truly is magnificent. but i guess you'll see it too, if you take the time to look up. look up and be amazed by its beauty.

(this photo comes from here; isn't it amazing?)

sometimes i get very hung up in what's going on in my life and all the petty things that are making me sad or angry or afraid; sometimes i get this way about things that aren't even happening to me or anyone i know. sometimes, on nights like tonight, i forget my purpose, or i feel like i'm without purpose, or i question my purpose. i feel little and forgotten and insignificant.

and then i look up.

and i see this full moon; i see this orb of light hanging in the sky, a giant ball of luminescence and wonder. and i still feel little, but i am in awe. i am not forgotten. and i know that God has a purpose for me out there. and i feel like nothing else on earth should matter. nothing else in my life could ever compare to Him and what He's doing - in my life and in others'.

i was reading Kimmy Kim's blog and what she said was so true to how i've been feeling recently and it made me cry (don't judge!) so i'm gonna quote her:

"there are days when my love is silent and i am a mess. all i want is a "do-over". but i long to be in the place where i can say - "take it all, there's nothing left here on this earth i love but Jesus who will never let me go." that's where i want to be."

and i have a full heart again; a heart full of love and gratitude and amazement. so look at the full moon tonight, won't you?

that's all.

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Annie Cristina said...

There was THE most amazing full moon over here on Saturday. I wish I had taken a photograph, it was so cool.