Sunday, January 30, 2011

a poladroid birthday: episode 3

hi there, dears!

it is time. time for my last birthday post. *look of solemnity* here's what transpired on my birthday weekend - technically not on my actual birthday, but close enough to be considered birthday celebrations ;)

first off, we went to Gateway on Saturday. Gateway, for those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about, is a mall on steroids that lives about an hour and a half from my town. my family and i go down there fairly often... cause we are legit like that. anyway, the plan was to see Tangled, but - sadly for us - the movie posters up in the mall got it wrong. they said it was being released on my bee-day... but it really only released a week later. sadness.

so, instead, we did some crazy shopping. as a belated Christmas present, my parents bought me the most beautiful address book known to man, which i will now show you.
she's beautiful, isn't she? send me your postal addresses and they can prettify her insides, too!
...but seriously. i'm on a campaign to write anyone and everyone letters this year. so SEND ME YOUR ADDRESSES! kay, done.

after we did a whole lot more shopping, we decided that as a birthday treat... we'd sit down at Cacao. hello, most decadent chocolate bar i have ever encountered. thank you for making sure everything you make is simply smothered in the most amazingly rich, sumptuous chocolate.

and thank you for having roses on all of your tables! so classy.

no, really... this stuff is heavenly. i love that it comes in a "love mug" - aka a mug without any handles. except i call it a "cuddle mug". *shrugs* seems cuter.

i can't even talk about this. just look at the picture and salivate for yourselves. i know i am... AGAIN.

and just for the record, who'd have thought that banana dipped in chocolate would actually be SO delicious? i was skeptical. and then i was proven wrong.

forgive my face. but i was excited.

and that concluded the celebrations on Saturday. on Sunday evening, however, i decided to take advantage of my birthday weekend sway, and convinced my mama and sister to partake in a game of...

(i love fooling around with the Scrabble letters.)

while we were at it, i decided to eat my birthday cupcakes. but before i did that, i lit my beeg "18" candles and watched them die.

Sindi's game companion was her awesome teddy bear, Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear. (if you get the pun in his name, i am mentally high-fiving you right about now.)

my game companion was quite obviously Squishy Darren the penguin... he has no pun in his name, but he makes up for it in sheer fantasticness.

i just simply heart Scrabble.

and, as it turns out, i had some birthday luck and managed to win the game! woohoo :)
please appreciate the way i score... writing down the word/s that each player plays in each round. you know you think it's amazing.

and then my birthday weekend ended... and life returned to normal ;)

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Allison said...

Birthday WIN! I love this! I love your ADORABLE new address book, your melting candles, and especially that punny joke! Heehee, I'm all for knee slappers. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY and here's to an AMAZING year (as an 18 year old, no less!)