Wednesday, November 24, 2010


hey y'all!

my post isn't going to be more than a few short sentences... but guess what?!

i'm done with high school.


i wrote my last final paper today (and boy, does that sound repetitive or what?!) which is definitely bittersweet. i've been so anxious to be out of high school - and believe me, i'm over the moon that i'm finally here - but there are such beautiful friends and memories that i don't want to ever let go of. it all seems really surreal - that five years of my life (heck, TWELVE years of my life!) have flown by so fast, and i'm definitely still getting used to the idea of being "officially unemployed", as my dear friend Kelsey so tactfully put it :)

but here's to the future!


Annie Cristina said...

Wow, congrats! Put on those shades, love, because the future looks bright indeed. :D What's next for you, grad?

Hannahkin said...

:) i'm so excited! off to study for a Bachelor of Journalism at the same school as my sister! classes only start in early February, though, so i'm just at home till then - getting ready to move away from home, eek!