Saturday, June 5, 2010

the alphabet of Hanny

hi, folks! so... tomorrow morning, we are driving (for 6,5 hours!) up to Johannesburg. we fetch my sister from the Jozi airport tomorrow evening, and then on Monday evening we fly out of Jozi airport.

and the adventure begins.

the past couple weeks have been a blur of crazy running around, trying to get ready, buying gifts and packing bags and collecting holiday homework (gah) and i thort doing an alphabet of all the stuff that i've been doing recently would be the awesome. don't you agree? no? ah well... too bad for you ;) here goes!

A is for.... AIRPLANES
and when i say Airplanes, i'm talking about both the song by B.o.B. featuring Hayley Williams (aka heroine), which i absolutely ADORE, and the aircrafts which fly people over the ocean to cool places around the world. since i will be on one on Monday... BOOYAH! (i adore airplanes. srsly.) on our way to San Francisco, and on our way back to Jozi, we'll be flying through...

Atlanta, where we're going to visit with a super dear friend of ours, Jenne! so inexplicably excited to see her... and to explore Atlanta. it promises to be hot and marvellous, and i already know that we'll be going to see She & Him - Zooey Deschanel's band - play live. how cool??! if i could, i would ricochet off the walls :)

B is for... Bafana Bafana
which is what South Africa's national soccer team is called. you know how the Italians are the Azzuri? (love love love...) yeah, the South Africans are Bafana Bafana... which basically means, "the boys". and i'm pretty proud of our boys - they've been fairing quite well in all of the friendlies over the course of the past few weeks, and didn't do too badly in the Confed Cup last year. i'm taking my football jersey overseas, and you can betcha that i'll be shouting for them from Cali! :)

C is for... C-c-c-cold...
i mean... HONESTLY. living in the Southern hemisphere means that from May onwards, temperatures begin to drop... and they sure have dropped this year! i'm really not a huge winter fan, and every time it rolls around i groan inwardly - and outwardly - because i hate the cold. luckily for me, i'll be spending SA's winter in...

...California, which promises to be beautiful and warm and gorgeous! i've been to the States during the summer, as far as i'm aware of, and i'm ridiculously excited that this could happen. so if you happen to run into a girl singin' "California Girls", grinning from ear to ear and dancing like a hooligan, chances are that it's me ;)

D is for... Dresses!
yup, that's correct - our bridesmaids dresses are all tailored up and packed in a bag! there're a few minor things that need to be sorted out, but all in all they look beautiful! matric dance is also on its way over - 30th of July, baby! - and i have a dress for that sorted out, but i still plan to do some dress shopping when i'm state-side :)

E is for... Etsy
because i am obsessed. it's a heckuva good thing that i don't have my own credit card, because if i did, it'd be maxed out on all the amazingspice stuff going down at Etsy! my new favourite is Dressing On The Side, which combines the two loves of my life - food and slogan tees. WAAAANT!

E is also for... Eleventyseven
whom, you must understand, rock my socks off. if you aren't aware of the craziness that is 11T7, they're an electro-pop band whose album Galactic Conquest must have been the cheapest CD purchase i've ever made, at R20. ($2.50) not to mention that it has some of the most thought-provoking dance tracks in existence. you ought to listen to their coolness today :)

F is for... Fynn
also known as the most precious baby E.V.E.R. two and a half weeks old, and adorable. in case you're wondering, he's the second son of my friends Kerry and Jeremy - their firstborn, Scott, is also one of my favourite kids around. Fynn is about the length of my forearm... aaah!

G is for... Goodbyes
which i utterly hate. i'm missing the last three days of school for this term, and so today i spent my time saying goodbye to all of my fabulous friends. so weird to think that i won't see them for another 5 weeks! *tear* but, never fear, because...

H is for... HELLOES!
i am more psyched than you'd believe to see mah sister tomorrow! WOOT! not to mention that i'll be seeing all of my ridiculously fabulous Cali peeps in under 3 days - EEK!!

H is also for... The Help
which is quite honestly, one of the best books i've ever read. i'm only halfway through, but i'm absolutely loving it and can't wait for tomorrow's long car drive so i can keep reading! if you haven't read it, you should most DEFINITELY do so... now!!

I is for... In-flight Movies!
...purty much my favourite thing about long flights. last time, i watched The Dark Knight... and shuddered at how brilliant Heath Ledger was in that movie. i didn't actually get to watch a great deal more than that, so i'm hoping that this time round, i'll be able to rectify that and watch TONS of movies! :)

J is for... Jozi
of course, we're going up to Jozi tomorrow.... but when i mention Jozi in my alphabetness, it's more because of the new movie by that title. ummm - haai. it is GREATNESS SAUCE! the lead actor is Carl Beukes, and he cracks me up. also, the whole style of the film is a little off-centre, which i utterly adored. and it had such a great, uplifting story behind all the not-so-kiff stuff that might happen when you live in a big city like Johannesburg. oh, and Brenda is my new role model. just sayin'.

K is for.... Keaton and Andrea!
who're the nearly-weds :) i laaaahv them.... i truly do. can't begin to explain how perfect they are for eachother. what more is there to say?!

L is for... Lilo
also known as my best friend from EHS :) she was in the grade above me at school, so now she's off studying. which sucks, because i miss her in a muchos manner. but she's home for the holidays! and i got to see her on Thursday! and we spent the entire afternoon TALKING and LAUGHING and EATING and it was pretty phenomenal. aren't friends such a blessing? :)

M is for Maths
...which i suck at. grrrrr. exams which were written a couple weeks ago, all went well, with an exception for Maths 1 and Accounting. luckily, my sister is a Maths boffin... so you can guess what we'll be doing during our down time this holiday! :P aaaah well... whatever it takes to get a decent mark, i guess ;)

M is also for... MASHED TATERS.
okay, this was a last-minute edition. but it is uh-MAY-zin'. click HERE and you'll know exactly what i'm talking about... especially if you're a fan of potatoes and Sam Gamgee :)

N is for Nommy Food
...of which i have been having a LOT. ohaai there, chocolate cupcakes from Wednesday night... you sure are dangerously delicious. so delicious, in fact, that i would eat you all over again tonight if the rest of the cell group hadn't eaten you, too. and yes... i am proud of Mama and i for making you. because you were off the yumtastic hook. true story.

O is for Owl City
...obvi. i'm only in love with Ocean Eyes, which must be one of the funkiest CDs EVAH. there isn't a song on the entire album that i don't adore. and that, my friends, is no small feat. just sayin'. disappointed that Mr Young won't be touring Cali-way in June/July, cause i could think of almost nothing better than an Owl City show! for now, i will just have to live with recorded awesomeness :) ....oh, and adoring all the incredible Owl City merch. that too.

P is for... Packing
i think i am a packaphobe. seriously. packing is heckuva hard for me! i'm also paranoid when it comes to checked baggage... because i have this ridiculous fear that they're going to send my bag to Puerto Rico and i'll never get it back. so i try to shove as much as i can into my carry-on... and that just doesn't work. thank GOODNESS i'm done with all of my packing! it took forever... but it got done. *wipes sweat off brow*

Q is for... Qetzl
yeah. i had nothing for Q. moving swiftly along...

R is for... The Ranks
who are this ridiculous band based in Pietermaritzburg. they do crazy things like make video blogs comprising of utter nonsense. you can watch them here.... my favourite is #2, but i laughed for about 15 minutes (at least) at #3.... because it makes no sense whatsoever. in any case, they're awesome... oh, and the band makes kiff music too. in case you were wondering.

S is for... School Sports
which is why, in case you were wondering, i was at school today. spent the day shouting for our hockey girls - particularly for Tasha love - and watching the rugby with John, ticking people off for merits, teasing Tee, taking people's money at the tuckshop and eating a wors roll for free. it was fabulous.

S is also for... Sky Sailing
aka Adam Young's side project :) i won't write much about it, except that the music is enthralling and beautiful and i'm desperate for the CD, which (ironically) is being released on the day i get back home :/ siiiigh. do give 'im a listen here - you won't be sorry!

T is for... Tee and Tinkerbell
let me explain. Tee is Thandeka, my gorgeous friend. Tinkerbell is a butterfly i found standing in the middle of the pathway, whom i captured and gave to Tee as a present. it was love at first sight... wouldn't you agree?

love 'em.

U is for... Uniform
as is so beautifully displayed by Tee in the above photograph. and which i no longer have to wear for 5 weeks! *airpunch* uniform can be such a pain in the rear end. but no more of it! from here on in, it'll be jeans and t-shirts, baby! :)

V is for... Vuvuzelas
which are going to make an ENORMOUS appearance at the Soccer World Cup... *laughs* these things are just the funniest. they crack me up. we're taking three overseas with us... can't wait to see how our relatives are going to react to them! bahaha...

W is for... WEDDING!!
which is, of course, the whole purpose of the trip :) i couldn't be more excited if i tried... it's going to be the most beautiful wedding of all time. not to mention that there will be a nacho bar afterwards, followed by ice cream and candy for dessert. i nearly DIED when i heard that... they are practically having MY future wedding menu. *squeals*

X is for... X-cited if you couldn't tell ;)

Y is for... Yorkie and Young two favey men of the moment! Yorkie is, of course, Taylor York, rhythm guitarist of Paramore. i simply love him, because he rocks the party and has this weird way of talkin' that slays me. and he loves gnomes. and his red beanie. and he has an awesome talking voice. plus he did this.... which he will never live down, in my book. laugh just thinking about it. Young is - guess it! - Adam Young, aka Mr Owl City. for reasons why i love him, i will refer you back to letters O and S, as well as saying that his tweets are some of the best ever and he likes Finding Nemo and writes beautiful lyrics. so.

and Z is for.... ZZZZZZZ!

nighty night, blogland :)


LikeFoSeriousMedia said...

This is cool. It's good to know the Adam Young fan club continues to grow. We seem to like the same music. Hey, if you enjoy awesome youtube videos, check me out. On my blog i feature the best youtubers and try to spread the word of their awesomeness. Keep up the good work and i plan on coming back for every new post.

Hannahkin said...

thank ya :) i'll definitely check out your blog!

Annie Cristina said...

Super cute blog post, Hanny! I hope you're having a stupendous time in California. :D

Claire Kiefer said...

I love this list . . . cause I'm FROM Atlanta and I LIVE IN California! Have a blast :)