Sunday, September 12, 2010

a little somethin' you must see

when i say a fail of epic proportions.... i'm obviously talking about the fact that i haven't blogged for over three months. yes, i will allow you to look at me with pure shock. yes, i will allow gaping mouths and raised eyebrows.

and now we will all move on. okay? okay :)

America was fun, and coming back home was fun, too. i'll post in more detail about the wedding and In-N-Out and Atlanta in a future post... but for now, i shall leave you with one photo and these words:

look at the title of my blog and then my feet in the photo if you have absolutely no idea what i'm talking about and all should be revealed.


Annie Cristina said...

Hanny! You got your pink chucks!!! Yay, I'm so happy for you. Also, you like gorgeous in that picture -- purple is your color. :-) (Or is it pink? ;-D)

Allison said...

You look GORGEOUS! And I absolutely love your shoes- you should put them in your header or something! :) (PS- I'm loving the Pooh, too.)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You are so gorgeous and this picture is PERFECTION!!!!!

Hannahkin said...

thank you all! *sends out gigantic bear hugs over the internets*

@Allison aren't they the coolest?! i've been planning pink chucks to the prom since 9th grade, i think :) your header idea wins at life... i'll make it happen!

new post coming tonight!

(Hanny is making an effort to actually post on her blog these days...)