Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Final Countdown

*dun dun dunnnnn*

hello, everybody! d'you want to hear something scary? yes? kay, well hold on... -clears throat-

i have exactly 10 more normal school days left. of my entire life.

yeah, i told you it was scary! i have only two more 5-day-weeks of school left before i bid farewell to my high school and begin to engage in the dreaded final exams. although they'll be written at school - so technically i'll still be at school, and i'll have to wear uniform and that sort of thing - i found (when we wrote our trial exams about a month ago - hah!) that it's really not the same as a normal school day.

to start things off, you come in later than usual. plus, you only come in when you're writing - so half of your friends aren't there, unless you're writing a common paper, like English or Maths. you sit in the hall for ±3 hours, most of which you spend writing frantically... so, basically, you aren't paying attention to the fact that you're at school. and after those ±3 hours are up, you leave. no lunch breaks... no milling around the hallways between lessons... no wisecracks during Afrikaans or doodling on books during Biology. none of that.

now, i must confess... ever since my darling sister Sindi went off to uni two years ago, i've been dying to set out after her in hot pursuit. i've always been a little mature for my age - which i think comes from having a sister who's a couple years older - and so even at the beginning of Grade 11, i was itching to leave high school behind and start with uni.

being in matric (South African speak for Grade 12, in case you were wondering ;) ) hasn't really helped much. although a lot of my older friends told me that matric was their favourite year of high school, it's been a bit of a let-down for me in some respects, and i really think i enjoyed my Grade 11 year more. which isn't to say that i haven't done absolutely marvellous things this year... on the whole, i've just felt that last year, although demanding in its own way, was more enjoyable than this year. i've been planning to go off to Rhodes University since i was in 9th Grade, and i sent off my application forms at the end of August. i got my acceptance letter about a month later and just the other day was confirmed as a Rhodes student for 2011.
yes, that's right... twist and shout!

needless to say, i've been itching to get out of high school. until now.

it recently hit me how CRAZY it is that i'll probably never see some of my high school friends again after i'm done with this year. people that i've spent 5+ years of my life with, commiserating and fighting and laughing and crying and hugging... and i'll never see them again.


don't get me wrong... there are definitely things i won't miss. *ahem* like Maths. and Accounting. but there are other things, and people, mostly, that i'll really have a hard time saying goodbye to.

sigh. it's a really odd, uncomfortable feeling.
like being in limbo.

all of that said...

and watch out, Rhodes...
here i come!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

My husband lived in South Africa for two years :) loved reading this post....super cute blog!

Hannahkin said...

no way! was he here on mission? where was he stationed? that's so very cool :)

*blush* i LOVE your blog :)

Annie Cristina said...

Wow, congrats!!! That is a serious milestone, Hanny. :D

Kate Weber said...

Love your blog SO much! It's fun and fabulous! I'm new and can't wait to read more.