Sunday, November 28, 2010


guess who's decided to re-read the Harry Potter series?

yes, indeed, friends... you have guessed correctly. it is i.

i've been meaning to do so for a while now, but being a matric student has hampered these efforts of mine substantially. (and what's up with the crazy vocab? hampered? substantially? yech... i'm scaring myself!) i know, i know - you're thinking, "c'mon, Hannah. it doesn't take THAT much effort to pick up a book and read a couple chapters a day, or even a week, does it?!" but maybe you'll understand a bit better when i describe to you my reading style.

i flatten books. provided it's written well, has a good story line and endurable characters, i am hooked and you will not see me until i'm done - or at least, a substantial way through the book. this sort of reading poses serious threats during school-time. threats which include unfinished homework and/or lack of adequate preparation for tests or exams. not really the best idea, i'd say. so, sad as it might seem, i try to avoid books which might captivate me when i'm particularly busy - which i certainly have been for the last while.

but now? now i am FREE! for a whole TWO MONTHS! and, with all the talk of Harry Potter 7.1's release in cinemas, i simply couldn't resist. i marched over to the bookshelf yesterday afternoon, pulled the first book from the shelf, dusted it off and made myself comfortable.

and flattened it.

the same thing happened with Book The Second today.

i am ADORING the magical world of Harry Potter... and am wishing more than ever that i could attend Hogwarts. even though i'm past eligible age - how depressing is THAT?! nevertheless, i'm enthralled and loving it just as much as i did when i was 8 and we read the first two books as a family, with me curled up in bed, hanging onto every word which slipped out of my mom's mouth.

please love the cool British cover illustrations our books have. they pwn the American cartoon-style illustrations, in my opinion.

oh, and by the way... it's called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. not Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

and that's final!
(rant over.)

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