Wednesday, December 1, 2010

best blogs in the business

let's have a minute's silence for my fantastic use of alliteration in the title of this post....


cool, now we can continue :)

so i've been thinking about it and although i'm really not a super blogger (ie. i only blog once every blue moon and sometimes my posts are boring or ridiculous) i really really love blogs - cruisin' them and getting inspiration and a few laughs and smiles. and there are some blogs that i hou van especially, created by girls that i look up to and just generally think are awesome. so surely i should show the inventors of these blogs how much i appreciate them, and also expose them to one another? the answer to that rhetorical question is yes... yes i should.

thus without further ado, i present to you.... *drumroll*


how about first we talk about Busy Bee Lauren? yes? YES.
Lauren Bee is a beautiful soul whom i first stumbled across when we were both going fan-girl crazy over Twilight *hides face in shame* on the internets something like three years ago. Lauren lives in AZ with her hubby Ted and their babies, Gizmo and Leo. (they are pets... not actual babies. in case you were wondering.) her blog, Busy Bee Lauren, has been going strong for four years now, and it's pretty much amazingspice... just like the lady. she talks fashion, food, family, design, travel, books and daily life stuff; she has class, wit and beauty galore and i love her. oh, and she loves owls... so you pretty much have to adore her.

then we must discuss My Sweet Old Etcetera.
this a-MAY-zing blog is run by the gorgeous Miss Ana Cristina, who is totally bomb. besides being one of my favourite bloggers of all time, Annie is a high school English teacher in FL. her passion for literature and creative writing have oftentimes left me wishing that she were MY English teacher! she writes beautifully and blogs about the funnest things; i love that her blog is so personal and heartfelt. Annie loves a lot of the same stuff i do, so i'm inclined to say she has really good taste... but truth be told, i really value her opinion and her blog is often an inspiration for me. she makes me smile and i really can't sing her praises enough. (if you would like to read some of her creative writing, you can access it here!)

i'm also absolutely in love with EmmaJaneNation.
friend-of-friends Emma Jane runs this fantaaaastic blog where she posts the most creative stuff - be it fashion, food, design or just life in general. i simply adore her style and her originality. Emma got engaged to Dylan earlier this year, so she's also recently been blogging - very subtly - about prep for their wedding which is happening in January! i love the little hints at the plans they're making and can't wait for the actual wedding to roll around so i can get a peek at their beee-you-tiful day!

thanks to Emma's blog, i stumbled across Lucky Pony... and hello, it blows my mind.
pretty pretty Angie is in charge over at the lucky blog; she is: a) amazing; b) the wife of the awesome Shane Durrant of Desmond & The Tutus fame; c) in charge of Wolves Cafe up in Joziville - Wolves, i have decided, is where i shall work/live some day (because it is RIDICULOUS) and d) very very inspirational. because she blogs every day.... and i have failed to find a single post of hers that i don't adore. she is funny and fantastic and finds very very lovely stuff all over the internets, which often makes me drool and/or gasp in amazement. she is so tasteful and wow! and yes... i just used "wow" to describe her. the words failed. moving on...

i'm also a beeg beeg fan of Kismet and Kate, and i'll tell you why.

Kate is BFFs with Lauren of BBL fame... and that is how i stumbled across her blog, which makes me do my happy dance. the fact that she's tight with the Busy Bee already makes her sa-WEET, but that's not the main reason i love her. seriously, her blog holds its own in the Blog Kingdom... which speaks for her marvellousness. she's in the midst of a year-long stay in Spain, where she's teaching little ones, and i adore reading about her experiences. she also blogs about her family, and how much she loves and misses them; i really appreciate this part of her blog cause it reminds me about how important MY family is, and how i ought to cherish them.

and on the subject of girls workin' overseas, teaching younguns... i must bring up +27.
the fabulous Kim is in charge of this gem; i only stumbled across this blog a couple months ago, but i'm already a huge fan. Kim is currently working in the United Arab Emirates, teaching 6- and 7-year-olds... i love reading her stories about everyday life in Abu Dhabi, about the little ones she works with and her perspective and faith which shines through each post. i love that she regularly posts about all the things she is thankful for as the days go past; i love that she is so open and honest and positive. i love that she's my sister in Christ and i love her in general!

i'm nearly done, but i still have one more blog i desperately need to talk about and it's called A Bite Of Allison.
it's not too difficult to guess the name of the wonderful chica in charge over at this blog - that's right, Allison! and my oh my, do i love her. first of all, she's a Jim Halpert fan... umm, epic WIN. any girl who thinks Jim Halpert is the perfect man already has 100% in my book. also, she's like me in that she has a slight obsession with weddings - if nothing else, check out this post of hers that left me gasping. (yep, i'm totally the same... bookmark the wedding sites and ooh and aah at the pictures of people that i don't even know, the whole nine yards.) but to top THAT off, she's smart, funny and really gosh-darn amazing, not to mention that she has impeccable taste when it comes to music. don't believe me? check her blog out on a Monday, when she usually showcases some Music Monday tunes. i've yet to listen to one of her recommendations without smiling and/or singing along by the end of the song. and that just leads me to my conclusion... she's fantastic, no doubt about it.

so there you have it, folks... the best of the best :)
aren't these ladies just fantastic?


Allison said...

This is seriously the sweetest thing ever! My goodness, I never thought I'd be chosen for one of these- you're too nice! And I totally know what you mean about sporadic posting... with college apps and school, it's SO HARD TO BLOG. Oh my goodness, there's no time at all anymore! Thank you so much for this post! ♥

Kate said...

I'm right there with Allison, this is just so sweet! I think of my blog as a little unknown thing and it really really warmed my heart to know that it has touched at least one person positively. I am so glad that you found your way over to my blog--I always love your sweet emails and comments! <3

Also, thank you for sharing all of your favorites, I've been exploring several of the blogs I didn't know.