Tuesday, February 12, 2013

year three | day two

...because it's too mainstream to blog about my FIRST day of school, right? :P

in all seriousness, i thought i'd start a new thing on Pink Chucks where i occasionally do a little walk through my day with y'all, in an attempt to make this place slightly more personal... and what better day to start with than today - my second day of my third year at Rhodes?

6:00 AM
the day began with Med-Lemon, because i am sickly at the moment - but as the guy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail would say, "i'm getting bettah!"
last night i had the foresight to fill my kettle with water and place a mug and a sachet of Med-Lemon on my desk (which, thanks to the rather small size of my room, is - conveniently, in this case - very close to my bed) so that i didn't need to get out of bed to make the Miracle Drink. I dutifully glugged it down and felt many times better... and so began my day :)

7:00 AM
i decided to wear an American Rag dress my beautiful aunt Kymmie bought for me one of the last times we were in the States - and couldn't help but get a photo in it, because it is one of THE most gorgeous dresses i own, truth be told. and the mirror had to get involved too, of course :P

8:00 AM
after a rather disappointing breakfast in the dining hall (no more corn flakes for me for a couple weeks!), i walked down to my first lecture of the day, surrounded on much of my walk by green foliage. it was beautiful, and i couldn't resist photographing it :) my lecture, which began at 8:40 and was technically meant to end at 9:25, ended at 8:50... yep. brilliance :D

9:00 AM
the early ending of said lecture meant i could head straight to the post office, where i collected a parcel (!) for me (!!) from my mom (!!!) full of amazingness! i cannot fully express my excitement about this... because you can't know exactly how great it is unless you've personally experienced a package from my mom. SRSLY.
i also went on a search-and-rescue mission for some Valentine's Day goodies... ahem!

10:00 AM
oooerr... i walked into my room and nearly had a panic attack, so it was time to clean up. although in the photos, the room looks much the same before and after... ah well, at least i can breathe again ;)

11:00 AM
as an English student, you purchase a LOT of books at the beginning of the year, and are then faced with the conundrum of what to do with them once the year ends. but not me! i am saved the worry because my marvellous Cathy-friend is an English II student this year (as i was last year) and can thus inherit all of my books! :D it's the greatest thing ever. i packed them up in a very expensive and sturdy bag (hahahahah) and put them near my door (which is the funny green stuff on the left hand side of the photo, if you're wondering ;) ) so i wouldn't forget to get them to her!

11:30 AM

oh yes - it was time to open THE PACKAGE! and, yes, i forced myself to wait two and a half hours before opening it. but boy, was it worth it!
do you see all of the goodies it was crammed with?! and a SHARKS mug!! with surprise JELLY BELLY JELLY BEANS inside of it!! and a DETANGLING COMB from my lovely sister!! and all that other sweet stuff! and a card chock-full of news! yoooooh. it's a good thing i've brushed my teeth already, or i'd be ready to set into all that candy... ;)

12:00 PM
it was luuuunch time! ...and again with the unappetising meal, which was my fault this time, for somehow booking the spicy mushroom pizza option. um, remind me not to do that again. in fact, i'm going to go CHANGE that meal right now. cool, i'm back! in any case, most of my lunch consisted of peaches... which were rather yummy ;)

1:00 PM
just lookin' out the window at one of my favourite views of Grahamstown from Chris's res window.

2:00 PM
well, just boring stuff here for the next couple hours... because i just went to the English department, switched to a different tut (and am now in the tut group of one of my favourite English I tutors - YES :D ) and then sat through a double Journ lecture. so yep, you get a screenshot of my lecture notes. EXCITEMENT!

4:00 PM
i was just walking around campus and started grinning suddenly. ever had one of those moments? where something comes over you and you can't help but smile so wide your face might burst? the sunny-with-clouds sky is the best i can do to represent however-long-it-was that i couldn't quit grinning :)

5:00 PM
back in my room, i took it upon myself to add a quote to my newly-acquired heart-chalkboard (a belated birthday present from Cath). eventually i settled on something by e.e. - because he is fantastic and i wanted something cutesy and romantic :)

6:00 PM
more average food, an average corridor meet-and-greet, and i headed over to Chris's to watch some series and chat about the day. by then, my hair had reverted to the silly-bun style, as pictured above!

8:30 PM
the day ended much as it had begun for me - Chris and i partook in the drinking of Med-Lemon because we sincerely wish to be hale and hearty again! then i returned to my res and listened to John Mayer and uploaded photos and brushed my teeth and wrote this here post :)

and now - now it is time for me to sleep! so goodnight, all ♡

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