Saturday, February 9, 2013

return of the caturday

'sup, everyone!

now that i'm back in business (also known as my room in my residence, with internet to boot), i'm back on the blogging bandwagon - and what better way to jump in but with a caturday post?

also, it's Saturday... so i'm sort-of obligated to do one. because that's how the rules go. but anyway.

the theme for today is... METAL CATS!

....okay, that's not at ALL what i meant, actually. but there happens to be a whole website dedicated to that particular brand of metal cats, and it's weird and freaks me out so i'm not even gonna link to it.

nope, what i mean by metal cats is cats made out of metal. so, erm, not real life cats, but, erm, their effigies. hang in there, i'll get to my point eventually!

i chose this (admittedly rather bizarre) theme because firstly, i've been OFF the bandwagon for a couple weeks and i'm rusty (oh dear, i promise that pun wasn't intentional), but mostly because today i received a belated birthday present from my friend Darsha in the form of a...

...CAT NECKLACE!!! is it not one of the most beautiful things you have ever laid your eyes upon? :) the only things beating its beauty in my books are my real-life cats at home and the genuine Sharks jersey that Chris got me for my birthday. (um, i got spoilt on my birthday... i dunno if you can tell or anything.) 

anyway, i felt so inspired by this gem of a present that i decided to base today's post around it. hence... metal cats. so, here we go!

we'll kick things off with a cat wine bottle caddy, for anyone who has a penchant for both fermented grape juice and felines. any takers out there? :)

if that's not your thing though, maybe i can interest you in a cat fan... isn't it CUTE? i think i need one of these in my res room at the moment, to be perfectly honest :P
Metal  Cat Fan

now, to get really intense, you could go right ahead and purchase a cat face metal design stamp with which to embellish any random scrap piece of metal you have lying around with the face of a feline friend... not weird at all. 

or, you could be more normal and dust-collector-y and get a sweet vintage cat figurine made out of pewter... awww.
Solid Pewter Metal Cat...

another thing that might tickle your feline fancy if you're a fan of earrings as well (like i am) is these rather adorable cat earrings...

or perhaps you'd be more interested in an amazing cat bracelet such as this?

finally, i think we should all look at some majorly awesome cat rings, because CAT RINGS, okay?!

look at this cutie:

and my very favourite by Catbird...
...which is only $320! eeeeek. hee hee ;)

and that's a wrap for this week's caturday, folks - tune in soon to hear more about the rest of my life! :D

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