Saturday, February 16, 2013

caturday: the Roomli edition

weird title? yep. let's face it, it's late, i have a headache and i really just wanna be asleep. but onward - "why ROOMLI?!" you ask, with confusion written all over your face.

well. Roo + Gimli = Roomli. terrible, right? i really couldn't do any better :/

with me being many miles away from my cats, my mom's been sending me some mighty awesome photos of their antics... and i think it's about time i share these rather fantastic photos with you, too ;)

okay, okay... so most of them are of Roo. because she's a kitten, she seems to grow more and more every week - when i left she was still in the chubby baby kitty phase, but now seems to have moved on to the lanky intermediate kitty phase. observe:

...and she seems to have acquired a new love of sleeping, too...

a cat after my own heart, i tell you ;)

she's lost none of her spunk, though - and seems to constantly need to assert her (imagined) authority as "boss-lady". HA!

the best thing ever is Gimli, though. look at this! they are interacting! they don't appear to hate each other any longer! Gimli seems to approve of Roo (even if it is just as his newest cushion)!

...and people say miracles don't happen ;)

now, though, i'm headed bed-ward - so GOODNIGHT!

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