Wednesday, April 17, 2013

keeping tabs

so. i stayed up the entire night (went to bed at 6:10AM and got up an hour later) working on my design assignment. i was supposed to meet with my lecturer 20 minutes ago to show him what i've got so far; i really worked hard but (as is true with most aspects of life) it took a lot longer than i had anticipated to actually put into effect all of the changes i planned to make. this feels appropriate right now:

nevertheless, i'm quite proud of what i have so far; i had to sort out some admin that's been piling up this morning, and i'd just gotten all of that done and was about to tackle more of my design work and then head up and print it all so i could show my lecturer in hard copy. and. then.

the power cut.

i still have power on my laptop and the wireless network is still working; but all of my work - which is stored on the Journalism Department's system - is unavailable to me. i have nothing else to do... so why not blog, right? ;)

i thought a quick and interesting blog post could be about all the different tabs i have open in Safari right now. if you don't know me so well, i am a tabs fiend. i click on EVERYTHING that looks interesting/cute/absorbing and open it all in one single browser... it gets a bit ridiculous. with that in mind then, here are links to some of the web pages presently open on my beloved laptop:

1. Japanese teens stage Harry Potter Quidditch matches

...OH YES.



click through for even more awesome photos :)

2. Free Audiobook of Quitter by Jon Acuff
a link sent to me by my mama! ...and if you don't know who Jon Acuff is, he's AWESOME. he writes here and here, and is rather amusing.

3. Boston links
i have a LOT of links open about Boston right now.
i've been following regular updates here... just so that i feel like i'm in the loop with what's going on.
from there, i found this beautiful story, this great article called Boston Will Be Back (I Hope), Patton Oswalt's response to the attack and this incredible photograph:

finally, because heavy hearts make me tired, here's something to get a grin on your face:

4. A video of cute baby pandas playing on a slide!

SO... there you have it. a glimpse, or a safari (hahahahaa, i'm SO witty! ;) ) through the tabs open on my web browser as of this moment! now i shall dissolve into the absence of electricity around me... farewell. *fizzle*

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