Friday, April 26, 2013


hello, wonderfuls :)

yesterday, i discovered the most amazing thing. the 25th of April every year is WORLD PENGUIN DAY. whaaaat? how fantastic is that?

i decided to have a blog post dedicated to penguins... and then got caught up in assignments that had me gasping for air. and i didn't manage to post about penguins. and i am TERRIBLE because of this.

nevertheless, i thought that things such as blog posts dedicated to the awesomeness that is penguins are better late than never, so have a fun penguin trip with me on behalf of our ridiculously cool friends, the swimmin' birds...

how about these Emperor penguins chooning a seal?

or these newborn fuzzy African Penguins at the Toronto Zoo?

or (i don't know how real this guy is,  but anyway) a HEART baby?
heart penguin
"just wearin' my heart on my sleeve. or in this case, my chest. yep."

Emperor Penguin Chick, Snow Hill Island, Antarctica
Ultimately cute, precocious penguin chick
....ok, they're obviously the most adorable animals ever.

check out this awesome crossing sign in Oamaru, New Zealand:
Slow Penguins Crossing

i discovered this amazing story about maremma sheepdogs protecting a colony of fairy penguins off the coast of (i think) Australia... YOU SHOULD READ IT.

then, of course, there's this story, which you will struggle to believe. it sounds like something Leslie Knope would try to do... but it ACTUALLY HAPPENED. 5 years ago. whaaaaat?!

here are some photos of Sir Nils at the event of his knighthood:
ANIMAL PHOTOS WEEKLY: Penguin Knight, Baby Whale, More


i have to share this video here again, even though i know it's been on here before... i just can't resist. prepare yourself for the ultimate cuteness!

indeed... it is too much for my heart to bear <3 p="">
and then, to top my penguin day off yesterday, i got sent this by my friend Darsha:

YES! what a perfect combination! :D

i have a surprise that i'm creating which involves penguins, but it requires some patience and secrecy until i've perfected it... so until then, GOODBYE (at least on the penguin front) from me and Squishy Darren :D

pleeeeeease stop by tomorrow - i have the funniest caturday post up my sleeve :D LOVE!

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