Saturday, July 6, 2013

mizz caturday

sorry i suck at blogging lately!

i nearly skipped another WEEK of blogging... because i've been in Grahamstown without much internet and i'm feeling meh.

this is made up of a combination of things - a bit tired of all the festival stuff and all the non-locals everywhere (give me my varsity town back!), and tired from working every night for 6 hours for nearly 10 straight days, and yet sad that tonight's our last night (i'm not even working and yet i'm still in the office... which should tell you a lot) and sad that i won't get to work with all these lovely people on this particular paper for this particular year ever again, and sad that festival is ending which means no more incredible shows (there's still so much i wish i'd seen) and a fading of general excitement. i'm also rather sad because my rugby team lost (just over an hour ago) to the Bulls (my least favourite team) by one point, in the very last minute (our guy missed a kick that would've put us two points ahead).

SO! i thought i'd enchant you all with pictures of sad cats... cause that'll cheer me up ;) and because, you know, it's how i'm FEELING. no judgment!

...and my favourite...
 hee ;)


but seriously. happiness now :)

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