Saturday, July 13, 2013

caturday: the excited/reality edition

hello again!

so. first off, this edition of caturday is about EXCITEDNESS... because tomorrow i get to see my guy again! :D Chris and i have been apart for 5 weeks - which maybe sounds like really little compared to other people in the world, but keep in mind that it's the longest we've been apart since January last year... which is a good while.

tomorrow i head off to pay him and his family a visit at his home, and from there we'll return to Grahamstown - and reality - in a week. but excitement first!

so, um, i guess you can tell that i'm rather excited? yep.

this is followed by reality... but don't leave now, cause it's just getting funny ;) i thought, since i'm gonna have to face a whole lot of responsibilities that i was quite happy to forget about five weeks ago when i return to Rhodes, i'd blog about cats in reality... which is always very funny, you'll agree.

so, without further ado:

and, while on this topic:

along with this general attitude...

and finally...

;) and now - i must continue to pack (ack!) so that i can make my journey without hassles tomorrow! big love to you all :)

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