Monday, July 22, 2013

belated caturday: roadtrippin' edition

hey y'all! i couldn't post on Saturday or even yesterday because i was... roadtrippin' back to varsity with Chris. since this is evidently where i got my inspiration from, we can move right along to the fun part of the post... CATS! IN CARS!

of course, Google image results will always involve anthropomorphism in some way:

Jeeves, the loyal and always-friendly driver. 

these guys sort of look like cat versions of Great Gatsby characters, don't you think? 

...and cats who are in oversized cars and/or who look like they know exactly what they're doing:
this kitten has GOT to be an underage driver... ha.

"just casually checkin' my mirror for any obstructions in the road... no biggie."

these cats, however, do not exist in reality, just as a car-driving Hannah does not exist in reality. (i'm referring to myself... there are other Hannahs who i'm sure can drive. i'm sure.)

what i'm more familiar with is this kind of car-cat:

yeah... my cats (particularly Gimli) absolutely detest driving in cars. i think this is mostly due to the association of C-A-R with V-E-T... which doesn't endear the car to Gimli's psyche in any way, i can assure you.

cats could make really great roadtrip companions, though:

(...although really, kitty, you've gotta put a seatbelt on.)

...ESPECIALLY if they doubled as cute GPSes! :D

"ok, turn right just meow."

or if they were able to fix your radio antenna, so you can listen to some Cat Stevens, and Cat Power. (yep, i went there.)

although i'm not sure how much this guy is helping rather than hindering... hmmm.

alternatively, they could be really annoying...

...and/or overly dramatic: which case maybe you just wanna put their faces all over your car rather than actually have them in the car with you, right?
someone's rather patriotic... and likes cats. i've just got a feeling about it.

either way, we got back to varsity safely... now for another term of work! yippidie yay ;)

happy belated Caturday, wonderfuls!

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