Saturday, June 8, 2013

mushy caturday

prepare yourself for sentimentality, y'all... and bucket-loads of it.

i finished exams yesterday. this has been the first exam period of my two-and-a-half year university career (haha, calling my time spent getting a degree a "career", haha) where i finish early. usually i write five exams in a row in the last eight days of exams (1st year) or i write two exams right after one another - on the second-to-last day and last day of exams (2nd year)... buuuuut not this year.

this means that i'm home already! how strangely nice :) it means i can catch up on blogging (which i've been terrible at lately), spend some quality time with my cats, erm, family, and get cracking on several varsity assignments that have been looming on the horizon for a little while. importantly, it also means that i'm apart from Christo. nooooooo. i don't like being apart from Christo. ever. noooooooo.

hence the ooey-gooey-ness of this here blog post... i can think of very little else right now. so: cute cat love is gonna get all up in your grill. i am about to become that soppy girl on facebook (blog, whatever) that posts about how much she loves and misses her boyfriend. prepare yourselves accordingly.

how cute is this?! snorgle snorgle. since one of the things i'm best at in life is falling asleep on Chris's bed (in broad daylight, guys... it's a skill few can master) i miss snorgling. that is, snuggling. 

this photo just makes me think of that song, "Lean on me! When you're not strong!" Chris is my pillar, yo. when i'm having a rough or irritating or emotionally exhausting day, he's the first person i go to; he's one of the only people i'm able to spill my (metaphorical) guts to without being worried that i'll be judged or criticised. he's the best, basically.

have i mentioned that he gives great hugs? yep. they are warm and wonderful and make me feel cosy and loved and home. 

he's also wonderfully patient with me... even when i groom him. ("oh sorry, you had an eyelash on your cheek!"; "oh, there was a bit of cheese just caught in your moustache...") see the long-suffering look on the groomee's face above? that is Chris's face in cat form. i draw the line at licking his face though. i don't do that.

also, i love Chris's kisses...

...and i'm so grateful that he never tries to bite my face off, no matter how cute this photo might appear ;) 

sigh! until i can hold you again, sweetheart, i'll just be over here, hugging whatever i can find...
...and missing you.

now, this post will play out with some cat love memes especially for yooooou, Chris:

(which is a lot considering how far little munchkin's arms can stretch... but i really love you a whole lot more than that :) )



and... final truth ;) 


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