Wednesday, January 9, 2013

soppy time

meh... Chris left yesterday and i sincerely wish he hadn't! but i'm so, SO grateful that he got a chance to come and visit me (i don't think i would've survived without it, to be perfectly honest) and i'm looking forward to seeing him again in only 18 days (!) - not so bad, right? :)

in the meantime, i'm watching episode after episode of Downton Abbey (which rules my life, just by the way) and blogging about how awesome love is. like now. when i share a whole bunch of lovey things with you, my dear readers, to the point where you cringe and run away because there is JUST TOO MUCH AFFECTION! only the strong will survive, so are you ready? ;) k, here we go.

:)heart heart heartElissa Hudson (<3)Cat Brooch  Cat illustration  Love Brooch  Pin  by ShopMissElla, $7.50:) the greatest of thesethis


i will love you...

"Love is little and not loud."  how beautiful.

from the book 'Flipped' by Wendelin van Draanen

what a great book.

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it makes it all better..<3


and my absolute favourite...


so, just for the record, i love bacon (see above), i love love and i LOVE Chris! and now i'm off to watch another episode of Downton... kbye ;)

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