Monday, January 14, 2013

just super

right - who's getting excited for Man of Steel? :D (if your answer is, "not me", by the way, you should probably leave this blog post now... and never return.) i honestly cannot wait for it to come out already! the trailers are both fantastic, as are the posters and everything else that's been released so far.

in lieu of being able to watch the movie right.this.very.instant. (boo hoo), i've compiled a bunch of funny and inspiring portrayals of Superman by various artists. if you're keen to get to the origin of any of the images, just click on the image and it'll take you straight to where i found it :)

first off, here's a rather amusing comparison between Superman and Batman...

...and continuing in the humorous tone is this portrayal of Clark at the beach with Lois - note his suit-worthy tan ;) (oh, and i adore Lois's costume. that's all.)

then, of course, ever the rescuer of tiny kittens from the heights of trees...

and then an abstract portrayal (which i think is really incredible)

another funny...

and, of course, there's the incredible Alex Ross's portrayal of the Man of Steel:

and finally, my favourite image of all - a geometric Superman by Liam Brazier. isn't he fantastic? :)

i'll feature more on superheroes in general some time soon, but for now i'm a firm believer in the red, yellow and blue!

have a super night, everyone ;)

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