Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my husbands.

hello! i have been sad lately. so, i thort for my return blogpost, i would post about something fun and silly. hence i reveal to you, dear readers...



Husband the 1st: David Cook.

hello, Mr Smouldering Gaze... of course i am in love with you.

this man will always be my first husband.


he is the reason i am known as Pancake... *i will tell you that story one day*
he is the reason i love American Idol.
he is the reason i twist my apple core around 4 times - for "D".
he is the reason i like pirate movies. and jokes.

he is... THE BEST. and i love him.

i am sad for him and his family right now - i hope you guys will be praying for them. hard times.

Husband the 2nd: Jamie Tworkowski.

here is a man, friends... an amazing, amazing man. someone with faith, someone with hope, and most definitely someone with love. i think you are sick of me talking about Jamie... so suffice it to say that i think he is wonderful. and the woman whom he gives his heart to will be unbelievably lucky. too bad he is 13 years older than me. dumbspice.

Husband the 3rd: Deon Rexroat.

well, hello. reasons Deon Rexroat is Husband #3:

1. the expression on his face in this photo.

2. the shirt he is wearing in this photo. (go here if you don't know what i mean.)

3. he is only the bassist for Anberlin. and bass guitars are only the coolest instruments in the history of instruments. and Anberlin is only one of my very favourite bands of all time. hence, he is basically a cool cat.

he is also very good-looking... but i don't care about that! *ahem*

Husband the 4th: Alex Pettyfer.

yessss. i love him for his face. and his body. and his accent. i'll admit it openly! he will always be my Jasper... and i think he pulls off sunglasses BETTER than the Pattz. judge for yourself!
*that's definitely me in the photo, by the way. definitely.*

and introducing... soon-to-be Husband, Zac Farro.

i am getting married to Zachary soon, thanks to Lar. she totally told him that i was in love with him when she saw Paramore the other day. he told her that he wanted to propose. *score!*


he's only 2 and a half years older than me.

he has an awesome eyeball. (no, really. one of his pupils looks like it's bleeding into his iris. it's fabulous.)

he's a fruitcake.

he's the first bandmember that Hayley would eat if stuck on a deserted island. i don't know why that makes him cool, but it does. and he burns his marshmallows - the way i always do.

and, he has exactly the same shirt as Deon does, only in reverse!

as though he weren't amazing enough, his name rhymes with *Captain* Jack Sparrow. i came close to dying when i discovered that.

now it's your turn! who're your fake husbands? and what did you learn about me from mine? *grins*

oh, uhmmm... before i go. i though i should mention that i am also in love with this fictional character named Walter Brownley. just sayin'.


Nancy Face said...

I'm sorry you've been sad! Good thing you have all these hott fake husbands to cheer you up! :)

My fake husband is SpongeBob! :D

Nancy Face said...

I LOVE being first! :D

little learner said...

Well, i am impressed.
Quite a line-up!

Sindisiwe said...

Me Likey! You know my "husband"... You hadn't told me about Deon! Why not? *pouts* I miss you! It was awesome chatting last night. *mmxwa*

Sindisiwe said...

Hey, I just found out that one of my friends is the bassist for an awesome band called The Hot House Peaches. Check 'em out - They're cool. Also, Steve has a GORGEOUS guitar - which he plays really well... :) Fun times!

Sindisiwe said...

PS - Nancy Face, do you know that you and Hannahkin are related? Your fake husband is her fake long-lost twin brother! Funny ol' world, innit?

Ana Cristina said...

Hey muchacha! That book sounds very cool! I feel bad asking you to send me it since I live a gazillion miles away from you, so why don't you go ahead and tell me where I can order it?

P.S.) Your husbands are hawt. Can I have one?

casa da poesia said...

love love love...all you love love love!!!...

"Negema wangu binti"

Hannahkin said...

Nancy Face! i loves my hott fake husbands :) so true what Sinderella said - SpongeBob is totally my long lost twin brother! so we are fakely related! a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Mama - you get a good look at all your son-in-laws? :)

Sinders - Mr Crisps! sorries, i thort you knew about Deon. he is amazing and was the second musician in the history of musicians to support TWLOHA *the 1st was Jon Foreman.* apparently he wore his shirts all the time :) that's what made meh choose him over Stephen Christian, really. it was close, though. gonna go look at them peaches now! aaah... this is Steve, then? with the ipod? hey, if he's in a band, now.... ;)

Ana! i looked it up on amazon, but it costs too much i think! (it's $20, meh.) it'll cost me less to buy you one and send it to you, i think... and then i get to send you other fun things :) which husband would you like?! :)

casa de poesia - thanks :)