Friday, April 17, 2009

love it.

so, when i was around 11, we went to the States for Christmas, much like our most recent trip this past December. while there, i was exposed to the wonderfulness that are otherwise known as daily comics.


it is one of the saddest facts of my life.

but back on subject. seeing as it was Christmas-time, most of the comics were related to this joyous time of the year. as i devoured them *with my eyes* on the 21st of December, i came across no lie. it is called Mutts and it basically rules the world... or my world, anyway. 

it is about a dog named Earl and a cat named Mooch, and their best-friendship. it is funny and ridiculous and beautiful. oftentimes, their central themes are of love, animal welfare and the protection of our environment, which i think are amazing messages - plus, the strip itself is still hilarious. and as though it wasn't cool enough... the cartoonist, Patrick McDonnell, did a whole series of Twilight-themed cartoon strips. they made me want to cry.. they were that funny. i will put them here for your enjoyment, friends. 

Moochie talksh like thish a lot. love him long time.

bwahaha! i also love the portrayal of Edward and Bella. classic.

i would be, too.

i think this one is my unofficial favourite. just sayin'.

and no wonder... he's Edward freaking Bat-Cullen!

aren't they just the awesomest?

after going back to the States in December, i decided i couldn't live without my Mutts. i now subscribe online and get them sent to me *two weeks late* by email. and now? i get a Mutts comic a day, and i couldn't be happier!

here is another one of my *million* favourites:
Moochie tells time like me :) 

in other news, happy weekend!


Ana Cristina said...

I love it!!! Mind if I link my Twilight bloggy to this post?

Hannahkin said...

please do!!! i couldn't believe it when i saw them. :)

Sunbum said...

I love me some cartoon action!!! :) Seriously though....I love reading the comic pages! My must reads are: Brewster Rocket: Space Guy, Argyle Sweater, and F-Minus!!!!! They are the best, and they're hilarious!!!

Nancy Face said...

My 13 year old son Zach Face LOVES reading the comics, and he stumbled across some of these Twilight themed ones. He just had to show them to me (how cool is THAT?) and of course I loved them! :)

Anonymous said...

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