Friday, October 31, 2008

end of the month

so, it's the end of the month. which means i get to stay up all night - or at least until midnight - and use up the extra internet download. YAY! i have discovered some fantabulous things, which i will now share with you. are you comfortable? good! :)

- i heart The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. My Guardian Angel is honestly one of the most beautiful love songs i have ever heard, and i got to watch this video again:
aaah! Face Down is the bomb, Ronnie Winter is muy talented and beautiful, and RJA generally just rocks the party. good times!

- i equally heart Death Cab For Cutie. i watched the whole 8 and a half minutes of this video, which means you can, too. but don't get too concerned - it's enthralling, i think. the song is called I Will Possess Your Heart.

- Relient K is the current featured band at! i owe it all to zambooie for my pretty hoodie. them and my fabulous aunt Kymmie. i will post a picture of it another day, though... i need to get off now!


Nancy Face said...

I want to see a picture of your pretty hoodie! :)

Hannahkin said...

Nancy Face : new post! :)