Saturday, October 18, 2008

i feel so terribly little.

uh-oh! the Dreaded Day is just around the corner. On Monday, my sister Sindi turns 18. and i am not yet 16. bah... so not cool.

obviously, my sister has always been older than me, so it shouldn't feel like such a big deal. but it does... it does. she is almost finished high school, too - she has less than a month, including finals - and that doesn't really help in the Making-Hannah-Feel-Better-About-Her-Littleness department... especially when i think about the fact that i have another TWO years of slogginess. 

but that's not even the worst part.

in February next year, she'll leave home for good. she'll be off to study at Rhodes University, all of 10 hours drive away, which means i finally get a room all to myself. so i should be happy, right? right. the thing is, i've never not shared a room before. and even though she gets on my nerves sometimes, there's no one i love like my sister. whenever she's away, the room feels lonely and it's just a tiny little bit harder to fall asleep. needless to say, i think i'm going to have a hard time dealing with her leaving. i really will miss my Sinderella.

but onto brighter and better subjects! tomorrow, as a gift for her, we're going down to the closest BIG mall around, Gateway, (it's an hour and a half away, in case you're wondering ;) ) with 4 of her friends. my mom and i have been banned from their exploits once we get there, so we're going to go have fun on our ownsomes. possible activities include watching a movie and buying books! yay :)


Nancy Face said...

Yay, I'm first! :D

Of course this isn't the same, but I sure do miss Lauren since she got married and moved out! But she e-mails me a lot! I hope you and Sindi can keep in touch often when she goes off to college!

Chell said...

I know how you feel - but its in reverse. Im the biggest and moved out when I was 18 (when my parents immigrated) Its hard, but it does get better, I promise you!

Oh and to reply to your comment, I work for Waltons Stationery. You know them? :)

Gateway!! No ways, thats about 30 mins away from me. Have fun!!!

Lauren said...

I am sorry you are sad. At least you can e-mail her? I hate being away from family.

Hannahkin said...

Nancy : Sindi has threatened me on pain of death if i do not write to her. seriously. so emails are definitely in order! :)

Chell : aaah, of COURSE i know Waltons! we have one of your 2009 catalogues in our dining room right now :) (my mom was ordering for her school)

Lauren : being away from family is stinks. no doubt about it!