Saturday, August 3, 2013

superhero caturday!

hi, y'all!

hope your caturdays were all fabulous :) mine involved a lot of designing and editing of a newspaper, as well as seeing my sweet friend Ellie over lunch and hanging out with my guy - so overall a good way to spend a day :)

i am, however, wishing for superhuman strength to get through the next month (term's already a third of the way through - terrifying!)... and henceforth appeared my theme for today! cats dressed up... what a great plan :) (i feel like i may have also been inspired by my excitement over the new Superman movie which i'm gonna see as soon as it's showing at Roxbury, as well as my antsiness for the second Captain America movie and for the Superman/Batman collaboration movie in the distant future... ha!)

let's kick it off with cats who desperately seem to WANT to be superheroes, although they might not quite be just yet...

i mean, this guy... he really went all out :)

sure you are, kitty cat!

this guy doesn't seem too chuffed at the thought of being Superman, to be perfectly honest. maybe the extra appendages are putting him off.

Space Kitty, on the other hand, is super ready to save the world with his trusty box on hand.

...and this kitten's just going completely all out... awww.


how much cuteness is this guy exuding?

next, how about cats as... oh, i dunno... the AVENGERS?

this here is the fantastic work of Jenny Parks - you can see each cat's individual portrait here. HOW MUCH EPICNESS IS THIS THOUGH?

then there's the work of Alana McCarthy, which i think perfectly captures the nature of cathood. particularly Captain America there ;)
(on a side note, how crazy would Iron Cat go, considering that his paw shines light and cats so often chase lights or lazers? do i make a valid point? i feel like he'd lose his marbles just a little.)

also, these guys. ha!

Lars deSouza's Hulkitty just makes me giggle. i mean, how can you not? look at ees face! :D

deSouza also does pretty epic illustrations of Ms Marvel and Wolverine - check 'em out...

oh dear ;) here are the rest of Alana McCarthy's cat heroes:

ohhh, what the heck... we'll classify Luke and Leia as superheroes too ;)

Jenny Parks also did a version of Batman:

so so great!!

...and OF COURSE Grumpy Cat had to feature in a Grumpy version of the Justice League - brace yourself!

in conclusion, we will look at a list of cats who definitely SHOULD be superheroes (with GIFs, titles and captions all coming straight from BuzzFeed):

He can fly!
Fly, Wonder Cat, fly!

Part Tank. Part Cat. All hero.

His x-ray vision can see into your very soul.

He does whatever a spider can, and also coughs up hairballs.

He commands the fishies to get in his belly, with his mind.

He'll freeze you with his indifference.

She's the master of the martial arts.

ACID CAT causing all your flashbacks.

INSANITY CAT just crazy enough to save us all.

..has frozen time to foil the evil plans of this string.

 FIRE CAT impervious to heat and catnip.

 SUPER CAT clearly not a bird or plane. he's all cat, baby!

BLOW CAT filling his cheeks with the air of justice.

 ROCKET CAT blasting off for truth, justice, and the feline way.

and finally, my very very favourite:

...has the power to cat out... really hard.

which is actually exactly what i'm about to do now - so goodnight, all! :)

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