Saturday, August 17, 2013

caturday: the Maru edition

hello, errrrbody! hope your weekend is being lovely to you so far :) this is how i felt this morning:

i can relate perfectly to that middle frame. perfectly.

anyway, today i thought i'd mix it up a little and have caturday dominated by VIDEOS. very specific videos, too... videos of Maru.

...oh, and naturally some photos, too ;)

now, Maru is, basically, world renowned. he has his own Wikipedia page, on which he is listed as an "Internet celebrity"... i kid you not. 

but he is not just some fluke celebrity! oh no. he is well-known for REASONS, friends, REASONS which you shall now observe. this was the first video uploaded by Maru's owner, mugumogu:

she later uploaded a compilation that now has over 17 million views. yikes!

one thing you'll learn about Maru very quickly is how much he loves boxes:

including boxes that are too small - 

and boxes that are too big ;)

now, another compilation!

also, hairstyles...

and finally, some shots of Maru with his new housemate/friend, Hana (great name, i might add ;) ):

awww... she's mighty cute :)

happy CATURDAY, everyone! that's me for today :)

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