Friday, May 25, 2012

that one time, when i had a band


hope everyone's been keeping it real. it's been over a month since i've blogged, which i'm guessing is a pretty good indicator of how CRAZY busy i've been. whew.

but - but. the end of the second term cometh! today was my final day of lectures for the term (and, ironically, i had no lectures - only a radio broadcast, which i'll talk about in a subsequent post, and a Latin test which i feel went remarkably well). now all that's left to get through are the next four weeks - one of SWOTing (aka studying like nuts) and the other three of writing the six exams that are all up in my bizniz. 

last term, my band (which has subsequently become semi-non-existent, what with the lack of lives all three of us seem to have, and the fact that Justin now lives a good ±6km further than he used to, meaning practice is basically a mission, and the cancellation of any future Pirates gigs, which were our only solid gigs) recorded a music video as a project for a group of J4 girls. it turned out winning and i've been meaning to show it to y'all FOR-absolutely-EVER, so here y'are - The Bad Hands, playing Bad Hands ;)

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