Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i've been neglecting you guys again. (and by "you guys", i'm obviously referring to the throngs of humanity which read this humble little blog. yep. allllll of you.)

but boy oh boy, has the second term of second year started off with a bang! this is only the second week (wow, too many seconds up in here o_O ) and i'm just about going crazy with the workload. in fact, i'm supposed to be studying future indicative active forms of verbs along with present deponents for my Latin test tomorrow morning. not to mention positivistic approach and the critical approazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....  and so on for my Journ test. also tomorrow morning. so you know how it goes, of course... to study for the tests or to update my blog? doh.


i hope everyone out there is just plain wonderful! i wish i could give you all big hugs of gratefulness for reading this drivel. as soon as i'm able to catch my breath (ha! ha! ha!) i promise that there's cool stuff to come, but for now, i will leave you with Monsieur Le Cat... my new best friend.

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