Sunday, August 7, 2011

next to me

hi, everybody... my name is Hannah, and i'm hopelessly enamoured of a certain someone. a certain someone named Chris.

he makes my heart do little somersaults of happiness.

he feeds me toffees.

he gives big, incredible hugs and likes to hold my hand.

he has eyes that pour forth kindness.

he doesn't mind when i leave hot tear stains all over his jersey during the sad parts of movies.

he loves my Jesus, too.

he is, in a word, wonderful.

and yes... i'm totally lovesick. bear with me, why don't you? here's a happy clappy romantic song for all of us! yay!

...and now i'll go away with all my giddiness ;)


Judy said...

Tis truly wonderful - I'll be down soon to say hi! :)

Annie Cristina said...

I'm so happy for you! Ain't love grand? :D

Sharon said...

That is sweet, and especially cool that he shares your love for Jesus.

I randomly found one of your sites which led me here. I went to your about page and I thought it was a fun coincidence that you go to Rhodes (a friend of mine just got a scholarship there). Then I read a few more of your posts before heading to your "People I love" page. I was very surprised to see that you know two people I went to school with, Hayley Hayes and Despina Zoras! So I thought I'd let you know and say hello. :-)