Monday, August 1, 2011

August awesomeness

hi there, everybody! :)

this is a random post to say... August is AMAZING so far. (and yes, i know it's only the 1st... and it's only just gone 1pm... but bear with me.)

i have quite honestly had the most beautiful day i've had in a long time, and it only promises to get better! so far:

  • the sun is shining BEAUTIFULLY all around me (the weather has been kind of bratty lately, so sunshine is welcome and wonderful!) here's the view from out my window:

  • there are lovely yellow daisies which have sprung up overnight all over the grass up on the hill, and they make me smile
  • we had Prof Walters, only the most fabulous English lecturer, this morning for a lecture on The Great Gatsby... he played us period music, showed us cars of the age, showed us some of his incredible artistic talent and alluded to 1980s airline commercials. i was the only one who got the joke. SO COOL :)
  • i sat with Michelle and had fun moaning about the Journ readings and remembering how good but sickening The Crucible is
  • i met with Le Sister for some delicious hot chocolate (she had a cappuccino, but whatevs) from HomeGround, and we sat around and shared secrets and giggles and happiness
  • we saw Mike and Laura and there was a pretty rainbow made of wires on the fun computerish thing Mike was carrying around! (wow, i sound pathetic. just ignore that whole point, please...)
  • i saw a LOT of Natal registration plates on the cars parked around campus! which, um, made me happy. don't ask why. can't explain.
  • the councillor for our area totally greeted me this morning. from his car. he comes to my church. i believe this is awesome.
  • CHICKEN PIES for lunch! hi, best meal that the dining hall serves. i am so pleased to eat you. YES.
  • Mr Hattingh sat at our table, and Robyn went off on tangents, and lunch was brilliant :)
and why is the rest of the day going to be beautiful? well, i'm off to book Harry Potter Tickets in just over an hour, and then i'll do some work... (admittedly NOT that fun, but hey...) and THEN, after dinner, i'm going to go listen to a former NASA guy talk about his coolness, and THEN, after that talk, we're all going down to watch HARRY POTTER! woot :)

how are you, lovelies? i hope the sun is shining down on you, too! and here's to the rest of August - let it be just as magnificent :)

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