Saturday, May 1, 2010

fun fact of the week

one of my favourite bloggy people ever is Ana Cristina. (i talk about her a lot - have you noticed?) every week, Annie posts a lolcat photo on her blog... and i love it. i've thought many a time that i'd love to do something similar, but i could never think of what to post. and then...

i discovered a website called Learn Something Everyday. and i adore their stuff. not only do you learn something completely arbitrary and awesome, but they have such fabulous illustrations to go with their facts!

so, i decided that i'll be posting a "Did You Know?" fact once a week. and here's the starter... and it's pink! :)

1 comment:

Annie Cristina said...

*blushes* Thanks for the shout-out! And I love this new feature, Hanny! I didn't know that's why flamingos were pink! Good to know. :D