Monday, December 14, 2009

pretty polaroid

i am here. and it is awesome.

but let us not focus on that awesomeness, and instead turn our attention to another kind of awesomeness completely. something that is rated 11 out of 10 on the Awesometer.

i am talking about... the wonder that is POLAROID PHOTOGRAPHY. is it amazing? yes. do i love it? yes. is Polaroid film no longer manufactured? yes, and i weep because of it. but do not fear! i have discovered the answer to all problems!


*crickets chirp*

...don't give me that blank look! what was that? oh, you don't know what Poladroid is?! well, Poladroid is a radical application that can be downloaded free of charge riiiight here. basically, once the application is downloaded, you can turn any photo on your computer into a polaroid lookalike! be amazed, be very amazed. here are some of MY results:

the cutest puppy you ever did see... whose name i have forgotten. just how i roll.

a rainbow out the window of my sister's room at university.

my sister and her friends'... feet. good times.

a flower. dohspice.

and me.... even more dohspice. with an orange lolly. YUM.

so, there you have it, friends! Poladroid. hit it up and be old-school fabulous TODAY!


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Hanna said...

hey! i was searching pictures of alex pettyfer when i ended up on your blog. it was the name that caught me - pink chucks - since my blog is called white chucks. funny coincidence, don't you think? i thought i'd judt check your blog out for fun and saw that your a fan of paramore (so am I) the scariest was when i saw your name was Hannah. my name is Hanna as well, except i spell it differently. i just thought all of this was so facinaiting i just had to write a short comment. take care! /the swedish hanna