Monday, August 10, 2009


dear blogosphere,

it's been a while, hasn't it? don't worry - i understand that you might be angry at me. after all, it's not cool to abandon you for over a month without an explanation. but so much has happened over that month and a bit, so i hope you don't mind me telling you a bit of it....

1. my USA gran and sister came home ...and we had vacation. which was fun, until it ended... if you catch my drift.

2. i went on camp ...which totally rocked the party.

3. i did community service for 10 hours at the Old Age Home in town for a school project. it was a LOT of work, but rewarding in the end.

4. my beautiful Granny Jess passed away. and i miss her very very much.

5. my school held its annual Matric Dance... the Elevensies (Grade 11s) were in charge and i was on the committee. i think we did a fantabulous job. and it was uh-MAY-zing. and my best friend looked beautiful (of course!). and i reallyreallyreally wanted to slow-dance... sucks for me!

6. i got a Tumblr account... and i'm secretly in love with my webpage. go there and tell me you aren't too...

7. i gots noo gadjits. gadjits which i LOVE. one is a purple 8GB iPod nano named melanzana. (which means "eggplant" in Italian, in case you were wondering.) the other is a black-and-orange Sony Ericsson W350i named tangerine. (when i'm feeling South African, i call it naartjie... which means the same as tangerine, but sounds way cooler.) these two gadjits are the love of my life... along with the Nikon camera i got a few months back, which i have named grapefruit for lack of other ideas :) yeah, Hanny likes her gadgets!

8. i went crazy. well, no - not really, yet. but i do have an audition for the role of a girl with MPD for a play that may or may not occur, so i don't know... sounds pretty crazy to me! not to mention the fact that i'm hurtling fast towards the end of Grade 11 and i'm terrified of the idea of next year - being in matric (Gr12) and all. yeek! on Friday this week, i have an interview with the headmaster, some teachers and some current prefects among other people regarding why i want to be a prefect next year, so that should be interesting to say the least!

how are you, blogosphere? keeping well? i hope you didn't mind my AWOL-ness too terribly much. now... i'm back.


Annie said...

I love my Hannykins! And I love your new Tumblr page. It can't accept comments, though? *scratches head* Anyways, I too am dying to see "500 days of Summer." Like now.

Anonymous said...

Lovely tumblr site! Like the rainbow colors :)

And good luck with your audition! Aaah, I'm so excited for G12, even though I'd be happy with an extended summer, hah. School starts next week, and I'm showing some new high schoolers around today for orientation. Haven't been on campus in ages!

Nancy Face said...

I'm so sorry your Granny Jess passed away.

I've missed you! It's great to know that you've done so many awesome things lately! :)

Nancy Face said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Have a happy day! :)

KatOfDiamonds said...

Just gotta say I saw your comments on Lauren's Hottest Hubby Contest Take 1.

Gotta love it =]

ps. I totally almost wrote in to her as Rob's life! Heh

Hannahkin said...

thank you thank you everyone, for your comments from a month and a half ago up until now! o.O i'm terrible.

Annie, Tumblr doesn't do the whole comments thing - i find it a little weird too, but whatev. i have this awesome blog to get comments on - if i'd just blog more often... *winks*

Robyn love, thank you!! the audition was fabulous, but i don't know what's going on with the whole play. aaah well. yay for Gr 12! how goes it? :)

Nancy, thank yoooou! i miss you all the time, i need to reimerse myself in blogland :/ and thanks for the hi!

Kat, aaawesome! :) i wrote in as David Cook's wife... but i have 4 or 5 fictional husbands. i wrote a post about them, actually... it's somewhere on my blog :) nice to see ya here!