Friday, January 16, 2009


for reals! it's my birthday today... *eep!* 

the weather is glum, which is a shame. Eshowe has been Rain City for the past few days. in fact, it's rather Forks-esque in all it's grey sky glory. now let me tell ya... i am not a rain fan. in fact, i cringe when i am in rain... i tend to dash through it screaming, "i'm melting! melting!!" in Wicked Witch of the West fashion. but since summer is my favourite season, and summer is also the rainy season, i guess that i will have to deal. still, i was unimpressed that it had to be gloomy on this day of awesomeness... oh well :)

i am excited for 2009, folks. firstly, i am excited that i am now officially a junior... although over here in the Land of South Africa, we just say that we are in Grade 11. no awesome titles until you're in Grade 12.... meh. still though, i'm amped that i'm considered an old kid at my school (FINALLY!) - you'd think that hanging around for the past 3 years entitles me to some cool status.

i am also excited that i am FINALLY 16! woot woot! there's nothing like feeling way older than you really are :) the Curse of the Younger Sibling states that you will either be WAAAAY more immature than everyone else your age, or you will be WAAAAY more mature than everyone else your age. i am testimony to this dumb curse. *heavy sigh* but no more of that! my birthday has arrived! nevermind that it happened to fall on the first day of school... :) i mentioned to Lauren the other day that it would be the best to celebrate your whole birthday MONTH... and that's what i've been doing! it all started with the amazing New Years party my cousins and i had at my aunt Kymmie's house - there, i got my hair partially dyed blue and tattooed my arm with henna - fun stuff! then, a few days later on the 3rd of January, my sister, cousins and a few of my friends threw me a SURPRISE birthday party which was cleverly disguised as a party in honour of The Office. we basically watched mountainous episodes of this legendary show, and during one of the breaks we took between episodes, a magnificent cookies and cream cake appeared and i was crowned the Birthday Queen! aaaaww - thanks, you guys! then, this past weekend, my friend Cathy came spent the weekend with me at my house! we had the best time ever, making red velvet cupcakes that had some pretty hilarious endings, visiting the forest and the beach (even though the weather was horrible), playing Scrabble and eating pizza at The Clay Oven, having soda pops in Ballito for the first time ever and watching movies and hilarious video clips (Rhett&Link and Flight of the Conchords, anyone?). what an amazing birthday present! on Monday, my fabulous friends Eleni and Monique came over and gave me a bag FULL of wonderful presenty goodness.. and today i got showered with love and gifts from my family, friends and random strangers on the corridor at school who seemed to be inspecting my chocolate brownies closely... hmm, i wonder how they vanished so quickly? today has been the best.. plus, for dinner, my mom and sister have made yummy chicken and mashed potatoes, and then i'm off to cell group where we'll chow MORE brownies! YAY, i love birthdays! 

another thing that makes me excited is that i am starting ballroom dancing classes with one of my best friends! yes, i saw you raise your eyebrows at me. and if you know me well, i bet you are shaking your head in horror at the thought of me taking dancing lessons. but i shall view this as an adventure, friends! i will not pay attention to the fact that i'm going to suck! i will not remind myself that i can hardly walk over flat surfaces without tripping, let alone glide along them smoothly! *cringes inwardly* and no, i wasn't being sarcastic when i mentioned this among things i am excited about. i truly am excited about it... which is even more crazy :) don't worry, Shaw... i promise i won't embarrass you. or i won't intentionally, anyway.

i have also decided that i need to write more. and when i say "write more", i mean, "blog more"! isn't that exciting? i can just see you all jumping up and down with pure joy and happiness... or not. *sigh* but srsly... this blog needs to get its GROOVE on! also, i will be getting a laptop soon... meaning i will be free to blog whenever i choose, and not just when the family computer is vacant! i like the sound of that, don't you?

i am off to eat dinner :)


Ana Cristina said...

Behold, Ana Cristina will now sing to you:

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, sweet Hannahkins... Happy Birthday to you! (And many more!!!)

Just be thankful I didn't sing in front of you, OK? Two words: not pretty. Enjoy your day! :D

Lauren said...

Gah! I thought I would be first commenter! It's ok though...I love Ana Cristina.


Indyeah said...

Hopped over from Ana's blog...:)
Happy Birthday!Have a great day!!

PS:-You remind me of a girl in my class..:)She loves dance too..:)
Have a wonderful time! dance your heart out..:)

Nancy Face said...

You did! YOU DID have a birthday, w00t w00t! :D

How cool it is that you turned 16 on the 16th! I'm so happy you got a surprise party and so many good surprises! YAY! :D

Nancy Face said...

Wait a second! I'm so confused (not surprising because I'm old)! I just saw in Yvonne's comments that your birthday is the 21st, not the 16th like the post says! So happy birthday right now, because in Arizona time it's still Jan. 21st! How about where YOU are? :)

Sunbum said...

Yay! You're going to Blog more!!

Happy Birthday...LATE!

Sunbum said...

Dancing? Really? That's one of my worst nightmares! I trip, trip my partner, fall of my face, get the wrong steps, fall at my partners feet just to look up and see pity in their eyes......


Chell said...

Hey Hannah!!

Happy Birthday!! So sorry that its late..I have been on the road since Wednesday :)

Glad you had such fun!! It was so nice to read words like "Ballito" and "Eshowe" in your blog...Im so used to reading blogs from people who arent from SA and it was so nice to know exactly where you were talking about! :)

Hope all is well in SA..Im still in NZ. Leaving here soon though to go and work on my cruise liner..But I will blog about that soon enough :)

Keep well and enjoy being 16! Even though im only 22 I still wish I could go back to school!!

Hannahkin said...

oh, my friends.... you are all so awesome :)

Ana: thanks for the singing!! you made me laugh ;) i'm sure you're not THAT bad of a singer though... by the way, i joined Protagonize today!

Lauren: i'm sorry :) thank you thank you thank you! for facebook and your other comment as well, of course :)

Indyeah: YAY! come back any time :) thanks for the wishes! i just hope i don't die while dancing... slightly anticlimactic.

Nancy! i'm sorry about the mix up!! it's a technique i've used in the past that has worked for me, but now it has returned to bite me in the bum. it's called the "edit post" button. with my New Years Eve post, i started the actual post on New Years Eve, but saved it and kept updating it, only really publishing it a few days later. the date on it remained the 31st of December... sa-weet. this time, i forgot that i started it on the friday before. i am a loser. note, bloggy friends! my birthday is on the twenty-first, not the sixteenth :) sorry again for the mix-up! oh, and was it evening on the 21st in Arizona? cus then it was the 22nd here :) weird!

Sunbum: thanks! yes, more blogginess coming your way... i'm excited too *grins happily* oh, and you TOTALLY put all of my dancing fears into words. i start in a week... should be an interesting experience! ;)

Chell!! i love that you know the places, too :) you've heard of Eshowe? funny! it's so little... bah. Ballito is getting movie theatres by the end of the year, YAY! less travelling for me :) South Africa is beautiful and sticky-hot. i hope you've been having an absolute blast with your family! love ya :)


i'm gonna go write a new blog post now.. heck to the yeah!

Hannahkin said...

new post up.. beware, it's morbid and sad :)

Ana Cristina said...

I made a little somethin'-somethin' for you. Come get! :-D