Wednesday, March 14, 2012

dancing in the dark

one of my favourite bands of all time goes by the name of Dear Reader. 

they've had many names over the years - once Pilot, then Harris Tweed, eventually settling on their current moniker. originally from Johannesburg (here in sunny South Africa), they're now based in Berlin; once a two-person band, they increased their numbers only to downsize and now consist largely of one incredible woman, Cherilyn MacNeil. 


their sound, too, has evolved over the years, from a quirky indie-pop to a deeper, more intricate melodic pop (by my reckoning, anyway ;) ). since Cheri's based in Germany, they don't play many local gigs anymore, but i had the great (GREAT GREAT!) fortune of being able to watch them live in Durban on the 2nd of January this year (and yes, i'm aware that it's now the middle of March... i forbid you to judge me ;) ) as a part of a hastily put together whirlwind tour of SA... and it was phenomenal. 

anyway, all of their albums - their first of which is simply called Harris Tweed, their second named Replace Why With Funny and their most recent entitled Idealistic Animals - are definitely worth purchasing/downloading/loving; i was wandering around YouTube the other day and stumbled across this AMAZING video of Cheri singing Dancing In The Dark, originally by Bruce Springsteen. and died. and then came back to life to post it here.

now that i've listened to it again and died again, i need to go do some work... laaaaame. 
hope you're all well :)

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