Sunday, February 19, 2012

this little Rhodent...

  • is already in over her head with all of her subjects and societies and whatnot... after only a week. yikes!
  • has started to acclimatise to her new room (down in the DUNGEON)
  • is loving living five minutes away from homie Cath  
  • is grateful for sunshine on the Slovo-side and a couple sweet neighbours (although none could compare to her only Aya-Bug)
  • went out and shared pizza and ice cream with an incredibly sweet guy on Tuesday night
  • is loving studying semiotics because of the debates about beauty and what signs really mean and who all of these things make us (all good things about which to talk)
  • walked all the way down the hill at 23h15 yesterday to buy an ice cream from Steers... and then walked all the way back up... while the majority of the RU community had a ma-a-a-a-a-are
  • really dislikes the word "mare"
  • is loving studying Latin, although it's complex and intimidating most of the time, because her lecturer says things like, "Celo! That means 'to hide'. Just think, if you're a serial killer, you hide the bodies in the cellar. I don't know if that'll help you remember though..."
  • desperately needs new takkies
  • has designed a ridiculous amount of posters recently
  • attempted to play tennis today, looked foolish and caused an adequate amount of amusement
  • got an internet quota warning a couple hours ago... *shakes head*
  • is loving studying English and Modern Fiction because they are both so amazing
  • has, however, a huge pile of reading to do for both subjects, which she should get started on ASAP
  • can't wait for her band to play its first official gig of the year on Wednesday (!)
  • handed out so many fliers tonight for her societies
  • desperately needs to do her laundry, yesterday
  • only ate a donut and a cupcake in the place of proper supper and is STARVING
  • serves a big, big God
  • misses her mama and her pops and her cat
  • has the coolest Journ tut ever
  • is waking up at 7AM on a Sunday morning (which feels a lot like home)
  • needs to sleep
  • has so much more to list
  • likes your face
  • is so grateful for life.

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