Saturday, January 21, 2012

i love excuses...

"why are you all dressed up?"
"why are you acting so precocious?"
"why are you curled up on the couch reading a book instead of doing something exciting?"
"why are you grinning so much?"
"why are you speaking in gibberish?"
"why do you get to decide what's for dinner and where it's at?"
"why are you suddenly wearing an old oversized jersey and rugby shorts now?"
"why is everyone paying you so much attention?"

well, do you want the short answer?...

i love having an excuse to get dressed up, to act nuts, to feel loved by people, to do things which i love, to make memories that will last. i know that i should be doing this EVERY day... but i appreciate that there's a special day when i get to feel extra-spoilt and loved and accepted and whatnot :)

i have been so blessed when i look at the people God has placed in my life - my family, my friends, everyone - and the way they honestly adore me, despite how stupid i can be sometimes. 

so here, have some cake... or at least, a photo of the phenomenal cake which my sister made for me (yes, it's real!) 
...and enjoy the rest of my 19th :)

*also because i'm awesome... but hey, that's beside the point.

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Judy said...

*definitely not besides the point :)