Saturday, November 5, 2011

let's be happy!

admittedly, i haven't had a great fourth term.

my res nearly caught fire on my first day back; my rugby team lost the final of the Currie Cup. work didn't ever end. i experienced my first break-up... um, i'm not dating again for a WHILE, thankyouverymuch. (i still love the boy, by the way... but let's save that story for another day, shall we?) we lost Matty and that most certainly hurt.

to top it all off, my final exams start on Monday and i feel like a complete blob - studying just does not agree with me.

but i don't feel like being glum - i really don't! so i'm cranking up the Taylor Swift/Owl City playlist on my laptop and i'm going to talk about all the GOOD things that happened this term - all the things that made me grin like mad :)

how about CHURCH? hi, Frontiers. thank you for being a home to me. i officially joined children's ministry this term, working with the littlies (3-5 year-olds) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it :) we had a huge, fabulous launch of our new kid's ministry programme, which is called JOG (which stands for Jesus Our God) and i got to be a part of a little skit we put together... aaah, good times :) i feel so blessed to be a part of this family, where the love of God is evident, abundant, overflowing. tomorrow i officially become a member... so unbelievably happy :)

a scene from our skit. epic.

what else has been amazing about this term? well, my band. we're called The Bad Hands and we're pretty awesome, if i say so myself ;) this term has been great in terms of gigs - we played as a part of an acoustic competition and were narrowly beaten in the finals by the beautiful Miss Dani Bowler, and we also played a gig called Singing For Soup, a cool fundraiser type thing. we've been in the paper, we were interviewed on the radio... we've basically had a blast. Justin, Clarke and Mike [our manager] are true homies, and The Bad Hands has definitely been a highlight of this term :) (that sentence sounds so grammatically incorrect... ugh.)


it's also been a birthday term! my sister Sindi celebrated her 21st late last month, and so we had an incredible picnic to celebrate the fantasticness that is her... i have no photos of that to share with you yet, but trust that it was fun of large proportions :)
then, 2 of my 3 best friends here at varsity had their birthdays - Sarah Bear turned 19 (!), so we had a little bit of fun time...

me, Pam and Sarah

Duncan and Robyn like the music...?


our side of the table won at coolness. and yes, that's my laptop open in front of me... do NOT judge. (me, Darsha and Duncan)

yep, that was a really great night :)

then Miss Pammy turned 21, so we had to go big! it involved stickers, pink, lunatic faces and crazy fun. observe:

me and the princess at breakfast Part 1

and Part 2...

...and Part 3 :)

Pam and her cake

Tshego, Pam, Janine the Pink Unicorn and Robyn

Robyn, Duncan, moi and Sarah

Sean, Sarah and Pam

Andrew and Tshego... um, yes, ANDREW WAS DANCING! it is a good thing to behold :)

so... all in all, another awesome night out. and that concludes the birthday section of this blog post ;) [stay tuned for Robyn's birthday, though - it's in less than 2 weeks! WOOT :)]

kay, i'm sure there was other cool stuff that happened this term, i really am sure, but i've forgotten all of it - so DON'T JUDGE... ;) there's another especially cool thing that happened just recently, but i'll post about it after i've written this crappy paper on Monday. because it warrants its own blog post, it is really THAT COOL :) mmkay? mmkay.

now i'm going to pretend to study for another hour till i have band practice and then - HEY PRESTO! - another gig which promises to be all kinds of beautiful :) stay lovely, everyone - and STAY TUNED!


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