Monday, September 12, 2011

a kid with a bullet soul.

i've always been sort-of... different. i didn't really click with most kids at school; i had friends, and they were fantastic, but i didn't completely fit in. and i honestly didn't mind. i've always liked being a little off-centre, just a tad left of frame.

and then i started university.

coming to Rhodes was like being confronted with a million other "me"s. everyone is so different! everyone has opinions! everyone LIKES being original; everyone LIKES being "separate". but here's the funny thing: we still want to be united in our separateness. we still want to be accepted, loved. we still want to belong. we're just a little more demanding than the mainstream crowd.

don't get me wrong, there are hordes of mainstreamers at Rhodes, too. and they're some of the most legendary people i've ever met. this isn't a post about exclusivity and how much cooler all the "tweaked" kids are... it's a post about how, ultimately, we have a heck of a lot in common with each other. we just don't like admitting it, that's all.

aaaaanyway... i was thinking about Switchfoot's song Bullet Soul today (thinking about it instead of listening to it, because i don't have it on my iPod. laaaame.) and just loving it more and more as i thought about the lyrics, got to what i think is the heart of them.

we rise and fall together
our hearts still beat below
you can't stand by forever
you're a kid with a bullet soul!

who is this song directed to? the "friction makers". the "sparks". and i think that's us; all of us. we're not here just to take a back seat. we're not here just to stand to one side. it's time for us to seriously stand up, launch a couple grenades of faith, fight with the bullet souls we've been given.

so what do you say?
are you ready to go?

oh, and hi there :)

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