Monday, June 27, 2011

dear world...


i've never been fond of winter, let me tell ya! some people love the crisp air, dragon breath, curling up under mountains of blankets with books and movies and hot tea/hot chocolate and junk food. okay, yes, i love those things too... but still.

i was born in January, which (in South Africa, at least) is nice, sweaty weather, right when summer begins to heat up. i partially blame this for my fetish with balmy weather. i love the summer months so much that i even wrote a series of haikus for them. no, really. i'm OBSESSED.

conversely, i dislike winter A LOT a lot. i was blessed to grow up in the province that i did - easily the warmest of all nine in our country. our winters aren't harsh at all. we-ell... compared to other places, at least. like Grahamstown, for instance. something i was dreading the most about moving halfway across the country this year was... *drumroll*... the bitterly cold winter weather Grahamstown is known for. and let's not joke around - it got C-C-COLD. but i was, once again, blessed. not only was the winter milder than usual (this was affirmed by my sister, who has experienced the past two winters and can attest to their coldness) but my res room is the size of a matchbox, which meant that my body heat combined with the (blissful) heater got the job done easily, and my room was actually rather toasty. who knew i'd be grateful for having such a tiny room, right? ;)

now that i'm home (WOOP!) i'm happy to be back in a relatively mellow clime. that being said, my room at home is (gasp!) bigger than my res room, and more open; there is no heater; and on top of it all, our house is pretty much famous for being a refrigerator in winter. so i am still shivering away!

all i can say is this....

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kelseytaryn said...

I like winter! great for sleeping and reading, watching movies and cuddling, eating hot food and general good times.
but that's just me :)