Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wishlist wednesday: modcloth edition

if you are a girl, you must love ModCloth. it's something of a prerequisite to being female... just so you know.

when i decided to post a Wishlist Wednesday, i wasn't really surprised that all of the things i've been pining for lately have a common origin: ModCloth. (this was mostly a result of perusing the site for what must have been hours, and having a ModCloth post-off with dear Judy, as we showed one another all the cool things we'd found on the site. man, was that fun!)

so why not make it an official ModCloth edition? all the items on my wishlist this week come directly from the ModCloth shop online, and each photo will link back to its original page. enjoy! :)

The Cat in the Hood

Novel Tee in Girl Sleuth

Contra Dance Skirt

Tee-cher Creatures

Summer Will Come Dress

Burger Queen Tee

Love To Bake Measuring Set

Poconos Jumper in Wine

Clearly Intelligent Cardigan

Frankly, I Don't Give a Dress

The Dolled Up Sweater

Like a Diamond in the Skirt

Dial ‘P’ for ‘Princess’ Phone

Oh, Deer Sweater

what are you wishing for today, lovelies?



Annie Cristina said...

I love your wishlist! And ModCloth -- they are amazement. I posted my own wishlist on le blog. :)

Judy said...

goodness, that was fun (ashamedly I did not comment on this post on first reading, and it seems, having been mentioned in it, I should have).

loving all this stuff! a blog post will be done soon, as soon as I finish exams :)

all love and stuff