Saturday, February 28, 2009

"cuteness is out of the question."

umm...hello? how could anyone NOT love either one of them?



Nancy Face said...


WAY cute!

I'm FIRST, too! :D

Lauren said...

That is so darling!

However I am not a huge John Mayer fan...and by huge, I mean, not a fan at all.

(runs and hides)

Sunbum said...

I don't really like John Mayer.....I think his music is really boring.


Sunbum said...

Yay!!! You are posting more!!! :)

Hannahkin said...

Nancy... i love them :)

Lauren - running and hiding is right! just kidding. that's okay, i guess. you let me love John Mayer, i let you love Movie Edward! :)

Sunbum - boooo! i think his music is the shizz, to put it bluntly :) but hey, different strokes for different folks!

Sunbum said...

Yeah, exactly! For example I like Screamo and you seem to like mellow music. I liked one of his songs before they overplayed it on the radio..

(I was just kidding about that "Screamo" thing....)

Ana Cristina said...

Aw, I think John Mayer is a cutie. I don't know enough of his music (gonna hunt that up now), but look-wise, I'd say he's pretty hot. :p

Sinderella said...

It worked it worked it worked!!!!!!!!!!
Can you hear me? I'm still squeeking.
:D Love you!

Hannahkin said...

Sunbum! hee :) i love almost every genre of music, actually. i have different music for my different moods! :) (i'm borderline bipolar. my moods love swinging. i think.) i just thought i'd be safe and put mellow stuff on my blog so no one hates me :) but i'm just not into the whole reggae or country scene. i think those are the two genres i COULDN'T like if i tried! otherwise, bring on the screamo :) *screamo isn't my favourite, but my cousin {Joe, with the awesome shirt} is in a screamo band, so i gots to give him some support :)*

Ana! yay, i'm glad you think John's a cutie! listen to Belief or Stop This Train, or his cover of Bold As Love, if you want to hear him at his best. (i'm a huge fan of Say, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, Waiting On The World To Change, Dreaming With A Broken Heart and Good Love Is On The Way, too, though :) )

Sindi! you saw it!! :) i lahv lahv lahv it in a Marky Arky sort of way.. with the hug! shweet.

Sunbum said...

Really? He's in a Screamo band? Wow!

Sunbum said...

I don't like Reggae or Country either. I get bored with both genres very quickly.

I have a very diverse music palate, but I don't think I like any Screamo.